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What is a "TryHard" for you?


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This is a serious Topic

I hope we can discuss without getting too emotional.


My own opinion:

A tryhard is a score (especially 1-0 players) player for me. Means they will do anything to get up on someone and if i say anything i mean anything. A Vid to show you what i mean by that: God Mode 1-0 Tryhards FAIL Killing Me Under The Map (HILARIOUS) GTA 5 Online - YouTube


The yt chanel from the 1-0 crew: Despiteful DESX - YouTube just watch it if you want to see what they do.


Many ppl on this forum would call me a tryhard when they see me in a lobby. I see myself just as a player that enjoys pvp. Yes i EWO but only if someone is in a jet, tank, rc. Others would just port but i want to stay in the battel. Also i never use things like thermal jet or gm (something i want to metion too i never rc spam i think it just takes the fun out of a fight). I like to see who is just the better player. Normaly i dont play dirty (only if i have a bad day lol) but i will adapt to the player that im fighting, if they play dirty so will i. 

As you can see it starts there: everyone has his standarts how far he will/wants to go.


So at what point you call someone a tryhard? And how far do you go in fights?


Also something i never understood ppl that call griefers a tryhard or just pvp player: i think they are just griefers most of them will never fight and just port away or leaf the lobby so has nothing to do with a guy that does pvp. I think does ppl are the reson the pvp community has such a bad reputation.


Please share you thoughts and dont just start a fight in this topic, if someone has an other opinion you dont agree with just be polite or just take the conversation to ur dm. 

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this topic been done to dead 

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aweful outfit

big mouth

full of himself

doesn't know when to leave people alone

follows your psn 

keeps joining your session:


these are tryhards to me.

how do i deal with them? software.

if software succesfull and tryhard lives near: result. (you read that right, i will visit said pvp player and teach em some manners.)


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Yawn, what a tired old topic; but f*ck it, I'll play.


At its most basic, a tryhard is someone who thinks GTA is COD, that k/d matters, that anyone cares about 1-0. They also happen to be about the most obnoxious and most toxic type of GTA player.


I have absolutely no idea why they all dress exactly the same way. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because kiddies are unimaginative conformists.


The reasons they're universally reviled are because they:

  • tend to attack the unsuspecting
  • will typically run (ie teleport) from any real competition
  • will EWO the microsecond they lose the advantage or think they've lost the advantage (because for some reason they think that suicide doesn't count as losing, to which I say try that in a LTS and see what the scoreboard says)
  • absolutely sh*t their pants if they lose (expect them to spew bile and obsess over getting the kill back, to the point where you may as well leave the session unless you want to spend the rest of your playtime being stalked)
  • have a ground game that consists exclusively of sniper-dancing & RPGs
  • are toxic as f*ck (they kill you, it's "Lzzzzz", you kill them it's "reported for hax", "ur trash", etc)
  • will typically resort to god mode, OP Mk II, thermal jets, orbital strikes, RC/Minitanks/drones, etc - essentially, they only like to hit when they can't be hit back
  • are pretty much the reason public freeroam is the cesspit that it is.

Hundreds of activities in this open-world sandbox game and they just want to do one. They bore the sh*t out of me, that's for sure. 


That do ya? Can we /thread now?


Edit: @DrKrankenstein 😂😂😂😂 no you won't, you complete tosser. That is the most hilarious load of poser wank I've heard all day. Made the whole thread worth it. 


Edited by God-eater
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Topics like these never go well on here, lol.

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1 minute ago, No Homing said:

Topics like these never go well on here, lol.


Have no fear, lessons well learned and I'll not bite. :D


The game has become more appealing to me through how R* allow these more modern DLC to thrive in any lobby type. And as a result, I couldn't care less. 


There was a spell where I was compelled to suffer fools and their bad form or quit entirely. So I quit. But so long as the game gives freedom like we get of late, I'm all good.


Now if only RDRO could follow suit and open up. 🤔😤

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11 minutes ago, No Homing said:

Topics like these never go well on here, lol.

Yeah it's already kinda spinning out of control, so sorry OP, we'll have to nip this in the bud. Every single one of those threads ends up with people who hate one another/one another's opinions on GTAF fighting.

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