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The youtuber thread past and present


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Now i know how the community feels about certain youtubers. I remember domislive was a big one back then. I actually liked his voice in his vids sounded like a chill person you can have a drink with lol. But alot of the old yt's are not even making vids anymore maybe boss since his trolls vids show up on my feed from time to time. Crazy how that guy made a living spreading false rumors about online and gta 6 for 8 years.


I remember everyone was making gta online vids in the first year of line and thats all you can see on the yt feeds. 


What are your fav yt's I like Vladim, Gtaseries, Gypsy for his no bs rants about online , Gtamen is a decent one i started to watch now and mors insurance for the funny videos they make, Badger as good as well as he covers a bunch of games besides gta. 



Mods you can delete if this isnt allowed.

Edited by Quinn_flower
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Broughy1322 and mattaiyoh are the only ones I still watch.


Edit: I forgot MetPro SOWC but they upload so rarely.

Edited by SummerFreeze
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I watch many diffrent types of gta yt:

- some of the "tryhard" players like: vex (illx family) or like cvc's from oppvx and a few more 


- also ppl like alyzah that dont take the game serious at all and she still smacks all of the ppl even when they play dirty or ppl that were tryhards and dont play like that anymore like: UVersusPro, Motmus, MetPro SOWC...(but i still like the old vids from them)


- cisko g, hes a german rp troller, his vids are just too funny but you have to understand german


And ppl like ghillie master that just brake the game :kekw:

Edited by Moewe755
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45 minutes ago, GypsyYT said:

I feel special

haha someone gotta keep putting r* in their place and tell it how it is.

Edited by Quinn_flower
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Project Heli, Metpro, UversusPro, Dempy. Mostly

Also watch less know peoples like Georgeking8514, N4T1VE_EAGLE. I really like those two, they make great content. 


I still watch the same peoples since 2016 generally. Only one missing must be OP NightWing as he don't play anymore. 



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i watch domislive, craig98, lispyjimmy, mrbossftw and sernandoe.


i remember one night i went to the twitch stream of some youtuber who was hosting a car dupe session and i was giving away space dockers, tow trucks and sh*t all night, damn these were some good times 8 years ago...



i only watch broughy, gypsy and thepro, actually. i also sometimes go to metpro, uvp and putther's channels, but i'm not subbed to them.


i also hate rp and all of fivem so i guess that limits my options significantly



Edited by oleg_aka_djmeg
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I'd rather play games than watch other people play, lol.

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8 hours ago, Quinn_flower said:

Mods you can delete if this isnt allowed.

It's allowed, but we already have an active, 100+ page topic about GTA youtubers that you can use. Cheers!



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