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[COMPLETE] Grand Theft Auto: Loose Ends

Voda Man

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This fan-made DLC/expansion pack is meant to act as a short sequel to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Think of it as a sort of "Episodes from Liberty City", but with about one third of the length.
It is split in two chapters: CJ's Chapter and Claude's Chapter, each of them being organized as a smaller storyline.




The year is 1992. Shortly after the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you get to see Carl Johnson and Claude tie up some loose ends in their respective cities.






The year is 1992. Shortly after the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you get to see Carl Johnson and Claude tie up some loose ends in their respective cities.




Catalina and her new boyfriend, Claude, plan one last bank robbery in the town of Fort Carson before departing for Liberty City. However, their plan gets foiled in an unexpected way.





1. War Preparations (Intro)
2. Conqueror (Conqueror)
3. Families Reunited (FamReun)
4. Flight and Fight (FliFig)
5. Putting Down Putos (PutDoPut)
6. Ally Check (AllyCheck)
7. We are KING! Part 1 (WeAreKing1)
8. We are KING! Part 2 (Outro)




9. Predators Become Prey (Intro)
10. Back on Track (BackOnTr)
11. Cheetah Man (CheetahMan)
12. Fast, Deadly and Furious (FasDeadFur)
13. Da Nang Boom (DaNangBoom)
14. Things I do for an Infernus (TIDFAI)
15. Hot Shower (HotShower)
16. Trouble Couple (Outro)





DYOM LINK: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/70829







Some of the missions from this storyline might be especially difficult to complete, on the caliber of "OG Loc", "Wrong Side of the Tracks", "Supply Lines", etc., meaning that one may require multiple attempts to pass them. As such, this mission pack may require a patience of steel from those to attempt it.
You have been warned.




02.10.2021 - I have made some minor changes to the "We are KING! Part 2" mission from CJ's Chapter: more precisely, I slightly modified a cutscene's text content, while I also changed the behavior of two actors. Lastly, the storyline archive has been modified accordingly.




I strongly urge you to comment on this storyline after you try it, and also notify me of any problems that you may encounter. Any feedback is highly encouraged and expected.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy Grand Theft Auto: Loose Ends!


Edited by Voda Man
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