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[PS4/PS5] [18+] Valkyrie Rising 1898 MC Recruiting


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Valkyrie Rising 1898


About Us


We are a fun and friendly crew with multi nationalities looking to recruit more players for our crew.


We have been active since March 2020


We are a very easy going crew that enjoys having fun within the game.


We have the following Chapters each with own crew colour:

  • 1898 (Blue)- The Leadership

  • Odin's Ravens (Orange) - PVP enthusiasts

  • Stormbringers (Red) - Car enthusiasts

  • Valhalla Guardians (Green) - Bike enthusiasts

  • Legacy (Silver) - Long term members unable to play as often anymore

  • Prospects (Blue) - New members


Our prospect phase is 2 weeks. We use this trial period to see how you get along with the other members of the crew and to see how active you are.


Continual inactivity in game and playlists will mean you will not pass your prospect phase regardless of how active you are in crew message forums.


Rules & Requirements


  • 18+ age requirement.

  • Have a mic.

  • Set us as your active crew.

  • No Drama.

  • No hate speech, sexism, racism, genderism etc…

  • No crew killing (take it to an invite lobby if you want to fight each other).

  • No eating on mic (mute your mic if you are going to eat).

  • No bullying/harassing other members.

  • Crew outfit to be worn at all crew events.

  • Do not attack other players in the lobby unless attacked first.


What we offer help with in game


  • Business resupplies and sales.

  • Heist setups and finales (including apartment heists).

  • Contact missions.

  • Back up when being attacked by griefers or random players in the lobby.

  • We are not a money crew (B2B or Cayo B2B) but we are willing to help you get money within the game.

  • Glitch help such as GC2F.


Fun activities and crew events we host


We offer a wide range of playlists within the crew on a weekly basis with an in-game cash prize which we change up each week to keep fresh.  Such as LTS, Deathmatches, Captures, Races and more.


We also host in lobby events such as the following:

  • Los Santos Hunt

  • Tour de Los Santos endurance event

  • Tag

  • Car/bike shows


Other games we play


Cod, Red Dead Online, Fall Guys, Uno, FIFA, NBA 2k, Dead by Daylight, Apex, Battlefront, Dead Island, Crew 2, Need for Speed, Friday the 13th and more.


Upcoming features


  • YouTube and Twitch channels

  • Online crew merchandise store


How to contact and join


My PSN: Abbsey78

My Social Club Profile: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/abbsey78/


If you would like to join or learn more about the crew please click the link below and message me complete with the below filled in template.


Crew social club link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vr_prospects_mc/wall


Crew Application Questionnaire 


R* Social Club Username: ANSWER HERE


Other games played: ANSWER HERE



In-game Activity: ANSWER HERE

Crew/Gang History on GTAO: ANSWER HERE

Edited by Abbsey78
Change of chapter name
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On 11/18/2021 at 2:20 AM, BlackShadowX said:

No eating on mic? I doubt you'll find anyone.

Tbh it's not a nice sound when someone eats on the mic. And all that have joined have respected that rule. And with regards to doubt I find anyone we already have quite a few members we are just open to welcoming more 

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