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Game stuck in an endless loop and now I can't possibly play


Go to solution Solved by MayoChiki,

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I created a character and started the game without skipping the tutorial, problem is that during the first cutscene the game just freezes and there's no way to skip that or delete my character and just skip that part, which means now I'm unable to play the game entirely (this is the RDO version only, no RDR2). I think it might be related to Valentine as I recall several crashes around that area lately. I already did the standard stuff (verify game data, default graphic settings, fresh restart) but nothing changes.


Has anyone found a similar issue ever since the latest patch?


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  • Solution

Ok, so the Valentine crash was somewhat fixed. Game still crashes because it's a poorly optimized piece of sh*t, but at least it's not a guaranteed crash which bricks the game. Since there hasn't been any updates after this post I assume something I did somehow helped, even if performance is basically the same. Things I tried were:


1. Added "Graphic Tools" on W10 under Add a Feature.

2. Disabled full screen optimizations on rdr2.exe. I also tried to check "Run as administrator" but the game wouldn't boot if I did this

3. Added "-processPriorityClass=ABOVE_NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS -cpuLoadRebalancing -disableSchedulingContentionReduction -setSystemProcessorAffinity=0xffffffff -ignorepipelinecache" on launch arguments

4. Currently trying BES to limit rdr2.exe by about -5% so it doesn't hog all CPU usage (heard this was cause of crashes). Doesn't seem to work very well as RDR2 still consumes 100% of CPU usage instead of being limited

5. Using Vulkan over DirectX 12. Already had this and didn't try DX12 because it would reset my graphic settings every time


Still trying other various fixes, but so far this seemed to stop the Valentine crash. Just in case anyone ever sees this and faces the same issue


EDIT: Enabling Async Compute on system.xml (change value "asyncComputeEnabled" from false to true seems to have helped with the sudden crashes, however it comes with a performance/temp hit)

Edited by MayoChiki


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