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Using the CheatDevice(s) today?


Are you still using the original CheatDevice(s) from time to time?  

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  1. 1. Are you still using the original CheatDevice(s) from time to time?

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Hello everyone!


I'm basically looking to find people still enjoying the original CheatDevice(s) by Edison Carter nowadays.


I was wondering if there are more folks like me just cruising around the Stories games with the CheatDevice doing whatever now and then. It was my favorite thing to do back then and I'm still playing it on my Vita before bed sometimes. Its relaxing somehow and reminds me of easier times.. am I alone with that? What is/was your favorite thing to do?

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Yes I do, and I'm glad that you're bringing the GTA LCS/VCS cheat device back to life with a newer version, I remember the first time I've used the cheat device it always crashes my PSP now we have PPSSPP and I'm happy that finally players now can enjoy the cheat device on it, can you add this police helicopter teleport cheat on GTA LCS, I have this in my user cheat text files on Edison's version it could teleport you inside the train,ferry,aeroplane and the 3 star police helicopter and you can control it using hover cars, maybe you could improve this cheat for better controling:


police heli teleport:

#cheat Teleport to the Police Heli
setchar(pplayer + 0x538, 1);
setchar(pplayer + 0x538, 0);

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Ser das Trevas

I installed, but it is giving error appearing a pink screen and asking to reset.

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