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Weird issue?


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So I am exactly 85% completed in GTA Vice City, Hotring, Unique Jumps and Store left. 

However, there is an issue I believe, at this point IMO, percentage should be way higher.

When I open the Save Game Editor, it says I don't have Trial By Dirt, Hotring, Distribution and Pizzaboy. Unique Jumps and All Stores Knocked Off.

This is incorrect! How do I know? 

I completed Distribution more than once and yes at once delivered more than 50 "ice creams". As wall as remember completing Trial By Dirt and even Pizzaboy.

Completing pizzaboy would grant me 150 HP and yes, I have 150 HP. 

I have zero cheats used. 

Any idea what is going on?

Here are my stats. 


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11 hours ago, sqpp said:

I was damn right:



GTASNP works both ways


1) Asking for help: If you upload a save file another players can download it and finish the main/side mission/s or collectibles..

2) Using this website as a checklist: You can also use this website to check your current status and determine about remaining objectives. If you carefully look at you save file you can this grey typed objectives..


Other Missions


 Hidden Packages
  100 out of 100
  35 out of 35
 Unique Stunt Jumps
  15 out of 36
 Rob All Stores
  8 out of 15
That means you have 21 Unique Stunt Jumps and 7 Robbery jobs left.. For completing these you can click "Collectibles Map" on top side of this page ;)
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12 hours ago, sqpp said:

I was damn right:


"Release Version: Steam (Windows)"

This version has a difference from the original retail version that changes the offsets of nearly all of the data in the save file. So if your save editor hasn't been updated to account for this, it could be reading the save file incorrectly.

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