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Recommended Posts

The atmosphere in the community dropped almost immediately following the reveal; the trailer was not what folks expected, and it continues to bring widespread backlash from disappointed fans. With a large ratio of Dislikes>Likes on YouTube and negative comments flooding Social Media, we thought we’d bring our own personal opinions to the table in an attempt to figure out what exactly has gone wrong.




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Americana: What, they didn't change this awful livery on the police car? Come on.

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I'll be honest, some people have gone too far, especially ones targeting the actual workers on their personal social media, that's wrong, but it also feels like some of the staff here are desperate to try and classify anyone who complains about this as one of the "extremes". Time and time again some of the staff here have shown a constant disdain and hatred towards "gamers" and it feels like the net that describes that is getting wider and wider with each negative event. Try not to lump us all in the same basket yeah? Because it's starting to feel like some of the staff here actively HATE members in specific sections just because they're being vocal.

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A very well written article that summarizes everything that's going on at the moment, and on this forum as well particularly. It's okay to criticize Rockstar and it's okay to be disappointed in what's happening. It's the way you go about expressing your frustrations is what matters.


@Kirsty @Spider-Vice @uNi and all of the other GTAF staff, please remember to look after yourselves. Your mental health is important too.

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Lock n' Stock

As outspoken as I've been, I generally understand the position the site staff are in. It can't be easy trying to uphold a neutral position and stay professional throughout this whole sh*tshow.

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We can all understand that trailer was a fiasco and caused an outrage in R* community. Even the big media outlets couldn't be silent about that. Important community members such as Yan, Tez and Ben said they were disappointed. Not even a single person could said that the trailer Rockstar has given us was satisfactionary and acceptable. Seeing such a tweet from GTANet was shooting yourself in the foot. There is a wide discourse that delayed game is better than a rushed one however that's not the case here. From what we've seen in the trailer, we can't say what is coming. Only what I can understand from the trailer is GTA V is coming to PS5/new XBOX with graphics slightly better than PS4. This is what R* has given us in one year. 

What I'm criticizing is the "compliment" part or pollyannaism for the company where there should be none. This is how big corporations, celebrities, governments fall. Applouse even when they fail and see how they burn themselves. I know this is a little political talk but it is what it is. If we continue to applouse Rockstar for messing things up, we should be ready how the future of our favorite gaming company to fall down its knees. 

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People are just damn frustrated at this point.


Everyone is tired of having GTA 5 shoved down our throats. This game has been out for almost a decade at this point, and the gaming landscape has long changed since its release. We've only gotten 1 new video game from R* since 2013, the great RDR2, but nothing since then.


It doesn't help that the general perception is that they're trying to milk this game out even more, and that GTA Online "killed" what could've been. I'm becoming more skeptical of this notion, since games take time to make, but when it's been nothing but GTA Online updates up the ass, you get cynical. Especially given that Single Player expansions were long killed off in 2016.


Regardless, we all know this game is going to sell because of the casual audience, and that GTA 5 is essentially the default option for an open world crime adventure game. There's no alternative for us to express outrage. At this point, I'm kinda willing to buy Saints Row reboot over E&E, because at least that's new interesting and looks fun.


So, do fans have a right to be angry? Absolutely. It's been more than a year since the announcement in June 2020, and this was all we got? Wow, a trailer with very modest graphical improvements and bugs, with absolutely nothing new shown. Worse, the trailer was borderline insulting. "Welcome Back to Los Santos", "Seamless Character Switching", the marketing message genuinely feels hostile, if not smug and condescending.


But what really gets it here is the lack of communication. Since 2016, Rockstar have largely distanced themselves from the fans with some exceptions (RDR2 launch). Nothing new ever comes out of Rockstar, everything has to be a f*cking secret, at this point I'm convinced it's harder to leak stuff out of R* than Pyongyang. Which means we never get any cool or upcoming announcements or updates about new stuff. Again, this doesn't help the perception that R* has gone full on GTA Online milking.


Did the fans overreact? Yeah, they did. I don't follow the website politics, but praising what is essentially a slight update to an old game on a new console generation comes across as out of touch. The forum community hates this re-release with a passion. We may be stuck in the past of yearly R* releases, but damn it, we want something new.


That's not getting into the disastrous newswire post, the ongoing modding crisis, the purported GTA Trilogy remasters which haven't been officially announced so far (if they exist), the ever growing toxicity of the GTAO community, and the delay of this game, which needs "fine polishing and tuning", and I'm the King of Spain I might add to that.


Overall, what a disastrous reveal, predictable chaotic reaction, and a sh*tty response by R*. Unfortunately, we know each end of the school year and winter break there are kids that will get their parents to buy them this recycled garbage, giving Strauss his stroke of ego.

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