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Mission "OG Loc" Invisible bug


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I had a problem while playing through the game again, when I arrived to the mission OG Loc and started chasing freddy, the bikes we're invisible, and when anyone got on they would also go invisible, resulting to no sound being made except for dialouge, and when you crash the bike you cant get back on and carl becomes broken, resulting in a weird form and can only move by jumping


any fixes to this???


update: I fixed it by playing with an unmodified gta sa 1.0 game to finish it

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yes I was using mods


the ones I was using are the definitive edition and a couple extras, but I just used the downgrader tool to make another game folder and I fixed it

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Im not familiar with mods but I can tell you they’re messing with the original code. There are developers out there who created this game and are familiar with its code the most. External people cant just create some codes that exactly fits the game. Mods are not very healthy for the game in my opinion hence it may be the reason as I do t think I came across with this issue. 
what kind of mod is it? What does it do? I may be able to indicate where it has gone wrong

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the definitive edition includes mods such as silentpatch, open limit adjuster, widescreen fix, mobile gui, remastered gui and such, I dont think any of them conflict with the game missions

but I might know which mod is causing the issue

also I always back up original files before replacing them with the modded ones, even that I mostly use modloader to load most mods


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