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Gorilla Kings MC Recruitment - Playstation


Recommended Posts

Platform: Playstation
Crew Name: Gorilla Kings Motorcycle Club
Crew Tag: GKMC
Type of Crew: Organized Grinding Crew with Events
Joining Information: If you want to join GKMC be sure to read the Hangaround, and Bylaws pages on the website. After that fill out the application and someone will get back to you, we require that you at least be 21 to join.
Info on Crew:
I know that we aren't technically a "real" MC cause it's GTA. However we operate exactly the same as a real life MC. Right down to each chapter having a specific bike and cut. 1 OG chapter with 4 branch chapters. We even have to follow real world logic when using weapons (to an extent). We can only use weapons that you can buy from gun stores in the real world.
We do however have a group that is specifically there to take care of unique threats in game (like oppressors and jets), but they are a last resort.
Basically it's a real MC in every way other than riding real world bikes (some of the members are actual bikers though). GKMC has been around for 4 years! It's very exclusive and getting in isn't easy. You have to Hangaround for a while and then you might become a Prospect. After Prospecting for a while you might become a Full Patched Member.
If you play GTA Online and are looking for a realistic motorcycle club experience, look no further than GKMC!
I want to also note that we are still a gaming community, and we go beyond GTA Online, we sometimes play other games together as well. We even have a RDO branch of the club called The Gorilla Graves Gang.
Edited by Wizeman
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Crew Forum Rules.



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