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Back 4 Blood | 2021

Mister Pink

Recommended Posts

1 hour ago, V4S said:

What kinda decks are you guys running? 

First thing i take is the knife as a meele attack with right stick.

After that only movment speed, endurance and just stuff that i can run even if i get hit. Also more health and ammo capacity.

Also there are many cards all around the maps wich you can buy, just look out for the negativ effects.


The game was fun. Played it with a friend, we played it trough in a coupel of hours. Also had good battels in the shooting range lol.

But if you want to unlock everything it will take a good amount of time.

Only thing that rly bothers me is that you cant start a lobby with just friend where you can earn points. Also muting is a bit wierd in this game.

The endresult of those tow things were we made a lobby and when someone joined we just started to yelll untill they left. 

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Got Scamed by this Indian @AkshayKumar :(

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I already unlocked all of the supply lines, and now I just have like 4,000 supply points with nothing to spend it on.

I'm mostly using a Speed Deck with some Support Item bags since I play as Doc. That's gotten me through Veteran runs, and Nightmare runs.

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any tips to getting supply points rapidly? also with future DLC im sure you'll have something to spend those points on.

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Do Herald of the Worm I and II.


For Herald I, you just kill the Ogre, then run past him to the safe room.


For Herald II, just run to the second section of the map and kill the Ogre there, then kill the Breaker.


This should be easy to do on Recruit. Once you get used to it, you can do it on Veteran, which is what I did. That got me about 102 supply points for about 8 minutes of work on Veteran. I was able to farm thousands of supply points in a day.

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I've been doing the worm I, unfortunately they nerfed payouts with the latest patch, you get only 20 now. not sure about the worm 2.

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I've been playing on recruit, it used to be 34-44 but now its a solid 20 if you do the side objective to get the +10. according to their patch notes they "balanced" supply points on all difficulties.

"Balance Updates
Quick player-input movements are now smoother
Rebalanced Supply Point rewards for all campaign chapters in all difficulties
Adjusted Supply Points earned for completing the Speed Run objective"

Edited by V4S
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A lot of people didn't like the new balances they made. They supposedly broke the game even more. 😂


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I have no idea what they've done to the supply point earn rates but I know from experience that when a developer says they've "balanced" rewards what they always mean is nerf, and nerfing in co-op games has to come with some damn good positives or it'll never go down well.

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I heard some of the nerfs they did were to the melee builds. Which I don't understand.


It's understandable if somebody just played on Recruit difficulty all of the time, but melee builds became much less usable in Veteran, and useless in Nightmare.


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according to the dev stream they nerfed melee cause it was a bit too much cheese. the patch also introduced 4x trauma damage (but was later hotfixed) and sometimes there are double spawn of special mutations :)

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Honestly, if Veteran got harder, I might give the game another try. Because I found Veteran a bit too easy. I started going through Nightmare already before Forza Horizon came out, but that difficulty is just cheap. You need to get lucky corruption cards, or just speedrun it.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Was a big L4D player/fan back in the day, particularly the first one. The absence of a third installment haunted me for ten years, until B4B got announced and released that is. I wasn't completely sold on B4B at first tbh. The card deck system, new title/era, mediocre or plain bad beta reviews, etc. Heard such a variety of stuff about B4B (in comparison to the L4D games) that I became quite unsure what to expect of it.


After initially being put off by the anti-solo designs (I'm more or less sick of and done with multiplayers with randoms atm), I finally caved in after they said they're fixing the solo system and thus bought it during Black Friday. Happy to say I was rather pleased with it. I went in expecting it to have some L4D similarities while still being its own thing. To my surprise I actually found it way more of a L4D-clone that I expected. It's undeniably the same developer behind the games, but with a natural and more modern evolution after ten years in between.


The deck system, perhaps my biggest concern, proved to work really well imo. A bit dragging collecting cards and putting together different decks, but it makes up for it with its dynamic campaign variety. Had an absolute blast playing through this with my girlfriend, even though the bots were hilariously terrible. Still beats playing with randoms, which we accidentally did at first with a grown-up screaming like a kid and cursing us out. Just grow the f*ck up or go back to CoD, man.


Ultimately I'm satisfied with it but I still must say - had this been L4D 3 in name and design instead, I'd say it's the weakest installment of the franchise. Despite improvements such as weaponry, mechanics and whatnot, I just found the maps/arcs rather forgettable. The original L4D maps had these epic stands at landmarks that everybody discussed back then. In B4B there were maybe two or three such landmarks that I thought made for epic stands.


Same goes for the characters. L4D had limited dialogue and barely any stories going on, but the movie-like design of the campaign missions felt short (albeit long enough) and concise which made for a very action-packed campaign that followed some kind of (very) loose and thin red line. The limited but existing voice interaction between the characters made it feel somewhat alive and some of them were quite funny as well. B4B just lacked pretty much all of that. It seems like every character has two or three voice lines that get repeated over and over, and none interact with each other (from what I've noticed so far). The lengthy arcs just feel like an excuse to travel and kill as many zombies as possible, which is what I'm here for and all, but I really liked that tiny but effective feeling of being in a "movie" when playing L4D. B4B is just way too much walking for barely noticable objectives imo.


Some pros and cons between L4D vs. B4B, as expected. B4B being better than I dared to wish for, but as I suspected it didn't top my dear old L4D games (both of which still hold up and I'd rather play tbh).

Edited by Watain
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Tomorrow, this game apparently gets a patch that gives offline progression.


Too bad the game is f*cking dead. 😂


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Game is dead cause I think the difficulty was too all over the place. Recruit is really like training wheels, Vet now feels like Recruit with just friendly fire. Currently working on my 6th ZWAT and the new Nightmare still feels pretty challenging but not too overwhelming and setting off hordes seem a bit more forgivable. Coordinated burner cards can really make your team pretty strong. I'm sure they're gonna nerf Hired Gun. You also got a card that can give you more continues which is nice. I think the overall patch was healthy for the game and will hopefully bring back the player base. Also fixing the nade duping and nerfing speedrunners will make quickplay in nightmare a lot more fun since thats all people were doing in nightmare -_-

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I think the problem is the lack of content and variety. Once people beat it on Recruit or Veteran, they've experienced the full game. For many, there is no point in further grinding cosmetics for a dead game.


Before I quit this game a few weeks ago, I'd get put into an empty bot lobby 9/10 times. I tried it again yesterday after hearing about the new patch, expecting people to come back. Nope. Still puts me in an empty lobby.


Only way to possibly bring a decent population back is to give the game a 95% discount on the upcoming Steam winter sale. Or make it Free 2 Play, but even that may not save this mess. It's technically already free via Game Pass, and it still died. 😂


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If its your first time playing and you're solo and not on coms with randoms you can get sorta lost on certain missions

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite is available on Game Pass for anyone looking for that shoot em up survival horror L4D style stuff.


Since B4B is essentially a single player campaign game at this point, Aliens: Fireteam Elite offers you another SP campaign to experience. It has better gun customization and character customization than B4B. Each class has their own dedicated levels that you can raise, and each gun has 4 levels to raise as well. Along with a customizable perk tree for each class. Much better overall system than B4B.

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