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Don’t remember mod’s name


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Grand Theft Auto Vice City is my favorite game of all GTA series. I don’t know, maybe it’s because the first game I’ve ever played. And now I remember me playing the game on my brother’s PC, but it used to have a mod. Mod I don’t remember its name and I really really wanna find it out and have some nostalgic experience with it. So if you could help me here is what I remember so far:

- Before I started the game I could’ve choose between a big variety of skins for Tommy.

- I remember two cars that didn’t spawn on the original version of the game. One was parked behind the Little Havana Police Station, it was green, sport car, tuned like from Need for Speed. And the other one used to be in the neighborhood before Vice Port, I think it was Little Havana too, right next to a house on the road. It was red again, sport car, tuned like from NFS but the specific thing about the car was that it was undestroyable. Wherever you crash the car whatever you do to it, nothing would’ve happened to her, I think the only way to do it was to turn it over.

Yeah, ofc i searched for GTA VC NFS mods, but nothing. So if you guys could help me someway or another I’d be very happy.

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