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The one time cheating is justified

Michael Quattrocchi

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Michael Quattrocchi

You have to beat that stupid whiny fat f*ck Hilary in an unfair race for the Malibu club missions, which is REALLY hard to get through without cheating, and in the next mission it turns out it was all for nothing. You drive to the bank and then when Hilary does try to help, he gets wasted by the Swat team and it's all up to you to make the getaway.

So yeah when it comes to The Driver, cheating is most definitely justified. f*ck you, Hilary. And good riddance, you fat sack of sh*t.

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Hilary is useless but the Driver is fun if somewhat hard imo


Before I could not pass this mission without the hotring race cheat but like the intensity when you do it with the sentinel. You can't afford to crash when you are behind Hilary or he'll get away too far but once you overtake him it's not that difficult to maintain your lead so long as you don't crash too much imo. 


My least favorite missions are the ones involving flying whether controlling an RC plane like Demolition Man or Bombs away or an actual plane like Dildo Dodo, worst part is no cheat can make these easier too I think. 

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There's a point early on in the race, when you're on the first straightaway from the Malibu, where you can attempt a pit maneuver and dump him. It doesn't always work but when it does you buy yourself a considerable amount of time. At that point all you need to do is not crash and do sharp handbrake turns - don't forget about the cop cars that spawn near the mall and try to hit you from both sides.

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Maybe it's just me but I've never had any issue with The Driver. I think a majority of players see the fact Hilary's car is faster, so they think they need to overtake ASAP or try and spin him out to gain an advantage, which ends up spinning the player out and they can't catch up. Realistically, you just need to drive - you can usually overtake him within the first 20 seconds of the race, and after that it's smooth sailing so long as you don't crash or get murked by sh*tty traffic RNG.

Edited by sombrA
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I liked the difficulty in that mission. It was a challenge but it didn't make me want to break the controller like some game missions. Have you ever played Driver and the Chase the Gun Man mission? That drove me nuts until I figured out the strategy.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Using CHASESTAT cheat while rampaging and messing with cops to see current media attention 

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  • 1 month later...

The driver is hard but not nightmarish. On a positive note you can consider this mission as a good demonstration of your driving ability and as a good justification of Tommy's role as a leader since Hilary like Can and Phil need Tommy more than he individually needs them.

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I mostly dislike racing missions in GTA but honestly I don't think this one is THAT bad? The traffic is usually what makes it a little annoying to pass, but there are harder missions in the game.


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If you want to make this mission much easier without cheating, get a 3 star wanted level prior to starting it, and then angle your car carefully so that Hilary is forced into hitting a police car. Then all you have to do is drive fast but carefully, and the race is yours, as this puts Hilary way behind you.


*edit: the easiest way to get the 3 stars is to go into the nightclub and shoot one person at a time until you have 3 stars, then immediately exit and start the mission.

Edited by phexitol
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the mission is hard but doable. during one of my playthroughs hilary crashed into a wall and couldnt make it back. so yeah, you dont really have to cheat in this one.


but the fact that later this guy dies so easily is rly ironic lol 

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Worse mission in the game. I remember attempting this over 30 times in a row when I was a young man hahaha

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