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GTA 5 Elite Response RP 5M Server


Recommended Posts

Welcome to the Elite Response Role-play! Based off of California. We are a brand new and constantly evolving role-play community looking for new members to come and join us. We offer a variety of different departments for you to choose from.

What Is Elite Response Roleplay?
 ERRP is a serious full ESX Survival, Grand Theft Auto V PC Fivem Role-play Economy Community based on Civilian and Emergency services role-play with an emphasis on realism, structure, and persistence. We are currently looking for individuals of the age 16 and up to join our community. Elite Response Roleplay is run by our experienced adult leadership. Our community currently has Mumble, One dedicated testing server to test assets prior to being placed into main server, One dedicated role-play server for verified members, An advanced CAD/MDT system for our members who successfully pass training, custom vehicle packs & liveries that reflect real life models and we are constantly working on improvements to enhance the experience for our members. This server is hosted on powerful hardware provided by OVH servers and runs Exclusively on a Windows VPS with 16GB of RAM.

Server Assets 
Sonoran Pro CAD System
Custom Vehicles 
Custom ESX Framework
Survival Roleplay
Custom Clothing
Custom Vehicles 
Custom MLO's 
Vehicle Financing and insurance 
Custom drug script with many in-depth elements

Civilian Operations
Own your own store with inventory management, run your own trucking company or run your own mechanic shop 
Car Dealer Positions
Be the owner of a Gas Station (entire operation)
The ability to join organized crime factions in the city.
Drug production is extremely profitable but Sophisticated
Full fishing simulator, bait,hooks,reels,lines,rods,requiring proper setup for correct fish

Emergency Services 
Los Santos police department 
Blane County Sheriff's Office  - Coming Soon
Towing Services

Please Feel Free to join our Discord at this time server whitelist applications are not needed , but a short interview will be conducted to make sure rules are understood and a Discord Role will be added to let you access the server.  Thanks to anyone looking for a new home



Edited by Hozer0
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