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All gta sa mission ranked from worst to best my opinion


Recommended Posts

101.Free Fall 0/10 This is the map that made me do 123 RAGE QUITS

100.Up Up and away 0/10 This map is so sh*ty

99.Learning to fly 1/10 Toreno is a son of a bitch

98.Driving School 1/10 I dont know Why jethro wants to make me angry

97.Wrong Side of tracks 1/10 This mission is very hard when you are with the motorbycicle but i have a trick

96.Robbing Uncle Sam 1/10 Ryder must wear armour like smoke

95.Dam and blast 1/10 this is not a hard mission but the plane is sh*ty

94.Tanker Commander 1/10 Thr tank destroys very eazy if you are not alert

93.Puncture Wounds 1/10 GIVE ME MORE STINGERS

92.Local Liquid Store 1/10 JUST SHUT UP CATsh*tA

91.High States Low Ryder 1/10 I hate races

90.New Model Army 1/10 Pretty very hard but its eazy than freefall

89.Jizzi 2/10 Creator didnt put efort in this mission

88.Town Bank 2/10 If you say i cant do this catalina then do it yourself

87.Farewell my love.... 2/10 i must close the sound of game so i will not hear that bitch

86.Against all odds 2/10 this is the most supportly mission of catalina

85.Supply lines 2/10 i cant control that rc plane normally

84.Wu zi mu 2/10 Too fast cars

83.Cesar Vialpando 2/10 too fast arrows

82.Madd Dog 2/10 I shoul kill all people for disturbing me

81.High Noon 2/10 That car is indestructible,even mini gun cant destroy it wtf?

80.Vertical Bird 2/10 I hate toreno

79.Air Raids 3/10 Why so eazy?

78.End of the line Part 3 3/10 Tempenny wont escape this time

77.Pier 69 3/10 i am sorry ryder but you have to be this time you a buster

76.T-bone mendez 3/10 Just stop for as second motherf*ckers

75.Nines And Aks 3/10 the beta was better this is a boring mission

74.Burning Desdire 3/10 Why should i listen to tempennny if he wants so bad to kill him than he should to this mission

73.Missapropriation 3/10 Come on so eazy mission to go somewhere to kill someone and to take the dossier it must be harder

72.Saint Mark s Bistro 3/10 Too damn eazy

71.Driving School 3/10 Its good that we can skip it

70.BMX school 3/10 its not so hard but i wanted more time

69.Wear flowers in your hair 4/10 can you just shut up truth?

68.Don Peyote 4/10 Let me get this straight truth wants me to go somewhere to take 2 fools and to bring home at Paul s father(child)

67.Sweet s girl 4/10 Leave me alone Servile Bulevard Street

66.Just business 4/10 maybe this mission is not so hard but there are waves and waves of people

65.Catalyst 4/10 this mission is normal but comes a part(ballas) when ryder dies like a fool

64.Home invasion 4/10 Ryder wants to be quiet but he screams like a crazy guy

63.Monster 4/10 Come on lets go to a hard race where is time and podium

62.House Party 4/10 Too damn many ballas

61.Gray Imports 4/10 Dude this is too eazy i want something challenging like freefall

60.Cut Throat Business 4/10 why i cant kill oc lod?

59.Lure 5/10 At least he is safe

58.Ryder 5/10 Ryder must have a haircut you seen what hair does he have?

57.Fender Ketchup 5/10 I killed him like 412342342 times what is this bug?

56.Explosive Situation 5/10 Why he didnt let us chose another vehicle like infernus

55.Cop Wheels 5/10 4 bikes in 10 minute,and walk all the town i dont think i will made it

54.Arhitectural Espionage 5/10 It will be more eazy if you have already a camera

53.You had your chips 5/10 Requires Armour so you dont die like a fool in front of abotoir

52.Management issues 5/10 What happens if you dont have a care and you have to wait for a car to come?

51.Madd Doggs rymes 5/10 i didnt want to steal his testament

50.A home in the hills 5/10 Too many vagos

49.Key to her heart 6/10 Its an eazy mission if you have patience

48.Outrider 6/10 Just destroy cars and kill humans,epic mission

47.Home Coming 6/10 Just Drive to ballas street and kill the pushers and ballas isnt that too eazy?

46.Snail trail 6/10 Just chase somebody and at end kill him and some target

45.Zeroing In 6/10 just follow a car and make a manevuer to steal the car which is pretty hard for me

44.Customs Fast Track 6/10 Just take the correct container with the slow crane

43.Grove 4 life 6/10 take 2 territories of idlewood with just one teammate finite ammo and with/witchout armour pretty hard

42.los desperados 6/10 pretty hard mission take care of hazer and dont let him die

41.End of the line Part 2 Just a fire extinguisher in your right hand a night vision in your eyes an armour on you chest and a gun in your left hand preffered minigun and then you will exit very eazy

40.Test Drive 6/10 Just take 2 cars with cesar and escape the police not hard

39.Are you going to San Fierro? 7/10 Its a mission to burn all weads before the police comes i give you an advice go ro amunition and buy many satchel charges or grenades and like this you could finish very eazy.

38.Black Project 7/10 if we didnt had a minigun this mission maybe was the 57 but it is and its very eazy to kill the army and take the rocket to truth

37.Stowaway 7/10 When the airplaine starts moving i give you an advice wait 5 seconds then enter

36.N.O.E 7/10 Its a pretty hard mission but if you are below the radar its a very eazy mission

35.The Da Nang thang 7/10 this mission is completely eazy just take the gun from the first human and then you will know what to do

34.Mountain Cloud Boys 7/10 Just drive around the block kill some human and then come back its super eazy

33.Amphibious assault 7/10 Before mission swim 10 minutes and then return and its like the nang thang you have to go on a ship but to plant a bug to make errors and then return to the docks.

32.Body Harvest 7/10 This mission if you drive carefully you will not have any problems

31.Drive-by 7/10 you must have a machine gun in this and drive thru to finish quicly

30.Big Smoke 7/10 in the first mission you dont do nothin which bores me

29.Tagging Up Turf 8/10 This is the first mission of sweet and the most eazy

28.Green Sabre 8/10 Be carefull you need a lot of ammo and go at target as fast as you can and big smoke and ryder betrayed you for the ones who didnt know

27.Doberman 8/10 You have just to take  glen park back but you have to fight in 3 waves for it i give you an advice try to find a minigun before mission

26.Los Sepulcros 8/10  You just have to kill kane again a minigun you need(recommended) and a few ballas its very eazy!

25. Reuniting The Families 8/10 This is the best mission in sweet 2 you just have to kill swat to escape from hotel with sweet and run from the police

24.Badlands 8/10 in this mission you have to be close to sky and to kill the target

23.Og loc 8/10 this is the eaziest mission of smoke for me you have to take loc from police and then you have to go to freddy s house and to chase him down

22.king in exile 8/10 you have again to do nothing

21.Cleaning the hood 8/10 you have to go with ryder to kill just 5 ballas

20.Deconstruction 8/10 you have to destroy all the containers from doherty and bury the leader with a cement truck

19.Drive Thru 9/10 let sweet and ryder and your machine gun to take care of all

18.Photo Oportunity 9/10 Here you have to go with cesar to photograph ryder,t-bone mendex,mike toreno,jizzy its very eazy

17.Ice cold killa 9/10 here you have to kill jizzy and take his phone before going in there make sure his care is destroyed

16.Toreno last flight 9/10 You have to kill someone by destroyng its helycopter the eazyest way its this write cpktnwt and the you will hear boom and babooom and the helycopter will fall down

15.Interdiction 9/10 here you have to transport some package to el castilo del diablo  from a helicopter that you have to protect until the bad guys are dead

14.Yay ka boom boom 9/10 here you have to take a car with a bomb and arm in the drug factory

13.Verdant Meadows 9/10 Just drive to the airport

12.Hijack 9/10 you must jack out a track on the freeway and go with it to the garage

11.Green goo 9/10 here you must take truths rocket and go steel the green goo from a train

10.The meat business 9/10 go with rosenberg to the jhonny sindacco and then he dies and you must kill all the witnesess and escape and return home

9.Riot 10/10 just drive sweet home

8.End of the line Part 1 RIP 10/10 Big Smoke

7.Breaking the bank at cannigulas 10/10 go heist house of rosie berg

6.Beat Down on B Dup 10/10 take glen back and kill b dup

5.Ran Fa Li 10/10 Take a car from airport and brig it to garage its very eazy just ignore the chasers

4.Police Missions 10/10 just kill infractors

3.Truck Missions 10/10 deliver cheese in different cityies

2.Courier Missions 10/10 deliver food 



write yours favorites

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I say you ranked them well, Fish in a Barrel sucks by the way. I wish the old "Fish in a Barrel" mission where we drive for that guy be in Final Game. Good Job 👍

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