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Newcomers to the series, how do you view the older games?


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Like people who started with IV and V, do you play the older titles like VC and SA? Is it hard or annoying to get into after starting your GTA history with IV/V?


Im just asking not only because I’m curious but also I can’t get into the top down 2D era games and I started with III. But then again the 2D era games had cameras that made me sick with all the zooming soooooo there’s that 

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Not really a newcomer but i realistically started with IV but basically i started with LCS , VC , then SA , IV , V , Online , VCS , Chinatown. (didn't completed chinatown) After playing IV and V i become so curious about learning the 3D and HD Universe , the characters, story etc etc (because when i was a kid i just spam spacebar whenever a cutscene comes up , didn't cared about the story ) which made me replay the previous games realistically another reason is i'm a R* enthusiast i like knowing stuff about GTA games. I do like playing 3D games even after playing IV and V but 2D nah , just no taste for me imo. Played SA again too because of some myth hunting and weird easter eggs click baity videos i used to watch when i was a child , f*cking bigfoot and that slenderman stuff but yeah i still like playing SA again and other 3D titles but after a long period of time like an year. Getting from HD to 3D games is easy imo but HD/3D to topdown well... i guess we are too advanced nowadays 

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ngl if OG gta's are remade on HD even on 3D i'll pay 50 bucks But i will definitely try top-down gta's since i have a history of playing a good amount of arcade games 🤞 

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I'm not a newcomer but I just want to say GTA 2 was the sh*t back in the day. 

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I first played GTA back in 2001 but I do get the sentiment with the 2D titles. It's so jarring to get into them. However, they certainly are charming and were innovative for the time.

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On 7/23/2021 at 3:18 PM, Tacymist said:

I'm not a newcomer but I just want to say GTA 2 was the sh*t back in the day. 


Ok boomer 

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i wouldn't really say im a newcomer, i've played alot of san andreas, but mainly played IV and V/Online the most, I've been meaning to properly play through the 3D era games, as I did have them, but I was younger and only messed around w cheats and never experienced them as games themselves, san andreas can feel really dated in some parts (lack of an autosave/checkpoint system for sure) thank f*ck for the mobile version having one good thing come out of it.

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GTA 1 was my first GTA in 1998 however I can perfectly understand why some people who are new to the series would be turned off by the old GTAs.


Personally I could still play GTA2, but GTA1 was a pain with the nauseating camera in 1998 let alone now.


Even the 3D era withstanding the stories, characters etc as good as they are I can understand how they would feel jarring coming from the HD era for a newcomer. Mechanically they were quite dated even for the time. No cover system, horrendous shooting mechanics etc all things the HD improved so if you’re used to those things I guess it would be like going from a modern day car back to some old beater from 30 years ago.



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Yeah, I remember when I first experienced GTA 4's physics system, I could not look at GTA SA the same way again. The base game physics have NOT aged well.

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