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Can custom props be spawned in singleplayer?


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tl;dr: Is it even possible to model your own moveable/dynamic prop and use it in singleplayer for a machinima? (And if so, how?)


Hi there,

I try to do something but I cannot figure out if that is even possible (or if I am just too thick):


  • Can one have custom-modelled moveable props [like e.g. a drinking bottle, which was prepped in 3DS Max and exported with GIMS and test-placed with CW, and which shall be picked up by characters and rolled over by cars] to be spawned in singleplayer at all? [for e.g. making machinima with it]
  • Or can one use such only on a FiveM installation? (which I try to avoid, because: yet another huge thing to understand)
  • Or, if I needed that bottle, could I only replace the model file of an existing prop and spawn under that name? (Which, looking at drinking bottles, makes me wonder about YFTs, as such tend to be, while I seemingly can only GIMS-export YDRs …)


The last couple of days I have been reading and watching tutorials and doc, and GIMS-exported models and OpenIV-ed them into RPFs, and edited _manifests and such but I still can’t even guess at the nature of the problem. : )


Any pointers about how to go about doing this would make me extremely happy.


Thank you very much in advance!


Edited by jugee
ease of reading
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