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GTA vice city: too much cheating/bizarre stuff happened

Michael Quattrocchi

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Michael Quattrocchi

Okay I was playing Vice City for some time, two days, and I was trying out all sorts of chests and just going to town with the game. The cheats included weapons, cars floating, armor and health, groupies and maybe some others. I must have pushed something into overdrive or made some bizarre glitch happen. I was using a ton of cheats and as time went on, two strange things began to happen. I was mowed down by one of those white t shirt pedestrians, intentionally, and I mean he was circling me til he succeeded. And then, ai never thought this was possible, but some time after killing my own gang members on occasion, THEY ATTACKED BACK like with no mercy, I mean they completely turned against me and shot at me, which is not supposed to be possible, right? All they do is stand there and talk. And you can kill them if you want without retaliation. But after some instances of me killing them, a while after, THEY STARTED ATTACKING ME. Also some hookers attacked for no reason, at least one. I'm not sure if any of you have discovered these bizarre glitches or whatever the f*ck it was, but it was something insane. It was like glitches from hell. Has anyone else experienced these things? Or am I the first one? Ordinarily your gang never attacks you no matter what you do to them, they just stand there useless as always. And random personal attacks from certain pedestrians, I mean wow, I must've snapped something in the game, idk wtf happened. I'm just glad it's over. It was unexpected, unusual and in a way scary.

Edited by Michael Quattrocchi
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Yeah and that's why you use cheats at your own risk lol. I miss creating all kinds of wacky sh*t with cheats.

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