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Modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allowing you to create your own missions without knowledge of programming languages, through an interface and simplified logic circuits called nodes. It is the spiritual successor to the DYOM modification.
















Learning materials





Current version

Beta 0.7.2





What is it made on?

Previously written entirely in LUA. The core is currently written in C++. The node system is in LUA.

What does the first letter L stand for?

Previously, it denoted what the mod was written in, namely LUA. Now it's just the letter L, or alternatively denotes legacy.

What is LCAPI?

This is a CLEO plug-in that interfaces with LDYOM. With it you can change LDYOM data via scripts.

The main differences from DYOM?

The first thing that catches your eye is the interface, someone is more comfortable as in dyom the list interface, but alas because of the capabilities of ldyom it would be difficult to add all the functionality to the list. The second is that editing goals, actors, vehicles, etc. is done through the interface, as well as the fact that the order of creation of actors can be arbitrary, and then specify when it should appear. And the third is that there is a node system that seems complicated at first glance, but I try to make it more friendly, with it you can do almost anything, even a non-linear story, due to the fact that you can bind the nodes as you want. In general, the list of differences is long, but that's probably the main thing.












VK Group


Fan forum



Edited by SKIC
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This looks pretty good and promising! but when can we expect the next update?

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On 7/21/2021 at 10:53 AM, SeanAlgerian said:

This looks pretty good and promising! but when can we expect the next update?

I don't know yet, Beta 0.7.2 came out just yesterday.

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Leon Luther

Whoa! Didn't expect a topic on the forums!

This is gonna be really exciting! :colgate:

Edited by Leon Luther
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