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The Wolf Within


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The world has its surface; the ordinary things. But what happens when an underground part exists as well? Things hidden from humans, things that don't belong among the ordinary.

The city of San Andreas has its remote areas inhabited by groups of very special people. Those people are werewolves, creatures that are both human and wolf. Most live away from humans, and those who live among them keep their nature a secret.

Soon after his uncle's death at the hands of a wolf, Mason Smith finds out that he is one such creature himself, and suddenly finds himself in an alliance with a local pack of werewolves as he needs to learn to control his nature. Left wondering whether the pack cares about him or is just helping him to preserve their secret,  Mason comes to find hidden truths that turn his life upside down and force him to come to difficult decisions.




Mason Smith

A 21 year-old male born and raised in Los Santos, Mason is saddened after the death of his uncle caused by an animal attack. Shortly after, he finds out that he is a werewolf, and is deeply conflicted by it. Despite all this, he tries his best to remain a decent person and cares about other people's problems.




Download these custom skins before playing or the missions won't make sense!


To install them, place the "skins" folder inside the modloader folder.

Download link: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/70336



- The missions don't have a lot of gameplay included. I focused mostly on dialogue and storytelling. Sorry if you find it boring, I'll do my best to include more gameplay in the future.

- Mission 5 "Desert Trip" has the maximum number of objectives (100) which causes it to crash (at least on my weak computer) towards the end, after Mason and Adriel return to the village. If it crashes for you too, no worries, after that would be just the player entering an interior and a small dialogue with no important story details. If you get the crash, consider the mission done and move on.




I have seen that the DYOM community doesn't really tackle supernatural missions, so I thought I could try it. Nothing too flashy, and easily done with a few custom skins. I am a big fan of the supernatural genre so I thought I'd do a mission series with it.

Thank you if you took your time to check my MP out, and I really appreciate feedback (even if the missions aren't out yet, just what you think of the idea).

Edited by ArCana
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This seems really promising! Probably first of it's kind! Good luck designing mate.

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On 7/20/2021 at 9:21 AM, CrickleFrickle30 said:

This seems really promising! Probably first of it's kind! Good luck designing mate.

Thanks! Keep in mind I'm not a pro at making missions or something, so just be ready in case my missions aren't as good as you expect them to be lol. But I'm trying my best to make them interesting

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On 7/22/2021 at 5:54 AM, The John David said:

Looks promising? Good luck for this! 👍👍👍


On 7/22/2021 at 8:00 PM, Aymunz said:

Don't wanna overhype this but it sounds really promising! Good luck on finishing it

Thanks guys!

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Chapter 1 is out guys! Find the download link in the main post! I hope you enjoy it and remember feedback is always welcome, whether it's positive or negative!

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