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It was a good day EASTER EGG GTA SA PlayStation 2


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So I was playing GTA San Andreas on my PlayStation 2, on a recently created game, I started the César Vialpando Mision and then the "It was a good day" song started playing on Radio Los Santos, I was riding to the garage next to the beach and then I remembered of that many years ago there was a rumour that said that when that song started playing, all the gang NPCs were going to be friendly, and somethings else.

Then, I saw a Vago's group and tried the Easter Egg.

So first the Vago's didn't hurt me at any moment, they were always doing the talk animation, after that, I started driving again and they started following me, so I started recording the game from my phone, the quality isn't the best but you can clearly see the Vagos following my car while the song plays.

This video was captured on a Vanilla PS2 GTA San Andreas, exactly the European 2.0 version, wich removes Hot Coffee and removes some bugs.

I didn't try with the ballas but Vagos are suposed to be hostile too, and even if not, it ain't normal them to follow CJ and do that animation while looking at him.


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I am afraid you are mistaken. In the beginning of the game the gangs are pretty patient with you (unless you answer positively when they ask your allegiance) and will follow you around with the talking animation if you have grabbed their interest. Rest assured they are still hostile to you, the music doesn't factor in.

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Posted (edited)

Oh ok, i didn't know that, thank you for telling me, It has just a coincidence

Edited by Ragyd_256
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What you say is an "Easter Egg" from years ago, but personally I think this is false. According to me the audios of the game (of any type) do not affect it, which means that this Easter Egg and others of its kind that have to do with audios of the game are probably false

Edited by DavidReyes2250
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If I'm not mistaken, the Vagos are somewhat more passive than the Ballas are towards CJ in the game. They'll usually just mind their business after you leave them alone.

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