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New forum redesign has completely broken ALL internal links


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I'm not sure when you have done this forum redesign as i've only just come back here now after a few years so I apologise if it is old news. Either way, this is still extremely important.


I hope you have a backup from before the redesign. This is really, really bad.


All of the internal links to other topics on the forums have been butchered by whatever code was used to automate the process. They have been completely removed.

The external links have not been touched, so any links to other sites are thankfully still present.


As you can imagine though, this is a massive problem and I strongly recommend that you don't ignore it.


I for one saw no problem with the old forum design and would much rather a working forum with links that are still there than decades of lost content. It makes it almost impossible to research things when people link to other topics and those links now do not exit.


I hope something can be done about this.



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You probably mean topics older than a certain date (I think 2018?), because all recent links and topics work fine on this end. It is not ALL links, it is OLDER links, everything is fine in the topics from the past few years I've checked. I think I know what you mean, it's a known issue, and it shocked us just as much unfortunately.


Because of the massive amount of posts and the size of the database of this forum, and Invision's incompetence with handling communities like ours when we first updated to Invision Community 4.x, despite many complaints and support agents helping us out with the conversion due to a frustratingly severely broken converter, a lot of the older links, instead of being parsed correctly by the converter, had a bogus "base_url" added to them. In most cases, you can still copy and paste the link (instead of clicking) and it will work, but clicking it may put you into an invalid page. At the time I remember solutions being discussed, but there is nothing easy we can do to change all links to be valid, because some of them were simply lost due to Invision's incompetence - this mostly affected links embedded in text like this.


Most important stuff has been fixed by the authors who are still around, other very old URL's just broke out of bad code that we couldn't control. This was a surprise to us back then as well and we had many issues, but we couldn't stay on insecure, old versions of forum software for years to come. It's impossible for us to parse tens of gigabytes of post data and try to figure out which links we can fix and which were lost completely, this has existed for many years and we couldn't do anything. Any links you find where it's just a link, you can copy & paste it instead, if it was embedded in text... we were as angry as you are. It took us a week of downtime and repeated failed upgrades, until we thought it was fixed and still had issues like this.

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Oh, did this happen a long time ago then? When abouts was it? It has been since sometime in 2018 since i visited i think.


Yes, by old links I meant the links before the upgrade, sorry.


You can copy and paste them where they have just been pasted as links and not been given link text. But that's just a side effect of the default link text being the link in question. Any where the author put their own link text are completely gone.


What you could do if you had a backup is to tell the convertor to not touch any links of posts older than before you did the conversion. At least then they'd still be there in there original form.

Or have you completely lost the backup of before the conversion happened?


I appreciate that it is a difficult task, but if you have a back-up from before the change at least something might be able to be done.



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On 7/15/2021 at 7:47 PM, one2fwee4 said:

Oh, did this happen a long time ago then?

Yup, about when you last visited the forums in fact. This is a difficult one because a lot of formats have changed in the database between Invision versions, which is why converting was necessary in the first place. At the time our hands were empty as we couldn't do much and subsequent conversions we tested were also broken. 


Our site owner may still have very old backups we can play around with and investigate, using a now much more mature version of Invision Community 4, but no ETA's or anything. 


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