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Pfister Comet S2 Appreciation and discussion thread


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14 minutes ago, ACR said:

It's obvious to casual racers, it's perhaps another story with racing crew players and pros, if you watched broughy video it seems like it's all around best car, however to take all of advantages and avoid problems like unpredictability with spinning you have to be used to racing, be technical with cornering, all around cautious which comes as "second nature" to great gta racers. Most people are not and just don't wanna waste time with frustration to learn how to tame those kind od cars. 


Personally i don't also have patience for that because i don't find much of the fun in playing all 7 races again and again with same few good cars because rest are butchered and unbalanced, i just grind to unlock clothing and if it was available to be purchased with cash like AW i wouldn't even bother. 

I am a pretty good racer in this game, not on the same level as the TM69 or GOAT guys but i can hold myself against them here and there. 

I have done about 250 tuner races and i have to say i couldn't bring myself to learn to tame the sultan to use it in races. The car is simply awful. 

Everyone talks crap about how the comet s2 drives but i rather use it than the sultan any day of the week. The comet is more predictable, more fun and doesn't understeer at low speeds. 

I have seen people who mastered the sultan, and even they crash and spin out every couple of laps. 

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Well you see, the problem here is I'm a seasoned racer. I don't have the skill level 95% of the players have.

But the Sultan is just simply uncomfortable to drive. The car snaps so easily, with seemingly no explanation most of the time.
Comet S2 is a case on its own, being a rear-engine car. For the car to snap and be rear-happy is in its nature.

Sultan on the other hand is a four-wheel drive front engine, yet it acts like a midship occasionally.
The Sultan should act more like the Calico, but doesn't.

But I'm gonna head off now, it's freakin early for me and I should've been in bed a long time ago lol.

1 hour ago, Marciliojunior01 said:

Everyone talks crap about how the comet s2 drives but i rather use it than the sultan any day of the week. The comet is more predictable, more fun and doesn't understeer at low speeds.


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Been grinding the Calico GTF like hell today, to the point where I don't wanna see the car ever again.

I was in for a really good lap but screwed it up a bit before the finish line, real shame.

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