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The pole position club mission isn't working properly, and my save file is probably corrupted.


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So I was playing GTA Vice City, and I accidentally toggled on one of the mods I had installed. I don't remember what it was supposed to do, but I didn't know how to disable it. While it was enabled I put one of the wanted cars in the Sunshine autos garage list and saved the game.


Then suddenly, I started getting phone calls that are supposed to appear after finishing the last mission, Phil Cassidy's missions were unlocked even though I haven't done the Malibu Club missions yet. I was just gonna finish it anyways. But after spending 300$ in the Pole Position Club, the asset didn't get completed.


Now, I can just start a new game, right? No. I played 30 hours on this save file and did most missions required to get a 100% completion and I don't want to do it again. Any help is appreciated.


oh and btw, I didn't spend the 300$ once, I spent 100$ 3 times. am i supposed to spend them all at once?

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nvm, I couldn't do the last malibu club mission because phil's missions were available early. i found an alternative way which is to download a starter save file; one with all side missions done (which is what i did on my save file) i wouldn't mind repeating the missions though.

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