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Vice City keeps running in on steam, even if the game isn't on the task manager or open (FIXED)


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I've posted this before on reddit and steam but got no response so i'll try my luck here. Basically sometimes when im finished playing and close the game, it still runs on steam despite being closed in the task manager, which disables me from playing any games on steam. It can be fixed by restarting my pc but it gets annoying since my pc is pretty old and doesn't boot fast. Is there any way to prevent this on steam? Also usually the first time i start it when booting up my pc, it doesn't launch and i have to end the process in task manager and relaunch it to make it work. Thanks



EDIT: I've managed to fix this bug about a week ago and forgot about the post. Setting the compability of the game's exe to Windows 98/ME worked and fixed some other bugs as well.

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