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Strange and/or scary interiors


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On 8/10/2021 at 5:11 PM, Carbonox said:

The knowledge that you're actually floating in a void, wholly disconnected from the main map, does add to the creepiness factor of SA's interiors, or at least the empty ones or those you trespass in during Burglary. VC had separately loaded interiors too, but they still rendered the immediate exterior of those places to make it at least immersive on a surface level.


Smoke's crack palace does mystify me the most. Why's it all intact after the story's said and done? Even if the original intention was to make it a safehouse, you still can't escape the fact it sorta burned down. The game has no problem locking you out of several other interiors after they've served their purpose, even if they're not destroyed (Area 69, abattoir etc.) so what gives with this one?


My alleged experience of hearing video game noises while exploring it post-story definitely fed into my beliefs of Smoke haunting that place, even if you'd think in death he would be more obsessed with food than anything. Or maybe he just really badly wanted to finish the level CJ interrupted him on.

Think about it, don't you think your marker should have been removed from the palace in order to enter?
He said this because this should have been done taking into account that for example, the Vagos house and Pleasure Domes are not accessible and can only be accessed in missions.
Shouldn't they have done this the same with the palace and the Jefferson Motel?
And yes, the Jefferson Motel also gives me a thing for its long and lonely corridors

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On 8/17/2021 at 3:10 AM, GTA-Biker said:

Some of the cabins in Panopticon seems to have blood on the floor,making them really creepy (it is probably what inspired the Panopticon killer myth).In fact,the whole Panopticon area is creepy,especially at night


The place is very creepy. I have feeling like someone is watching and one time, I can hear chainsaw sound in the background, I don't know if this occurred  to anyone.

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Official General

Definitely has to be Big Smoke's Crack Palace after completing that mission in the game where you kill Big Smoke. The place is large with several floors and rooms, and once it is empty and it feels so cavernous and eerie; you just get this unexplainable feeling that you are not alone and that something or someone you can't see is lurking around there somewhere. To add to the creepiness, there is the legend of Big Smoke's ghost that is reputed to haunt the whole building too. Really gives me the damn chills !

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Millies' house. Jesus girl, how do you live in a place like that. Caught me off guard the first time


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The eerie feeling of not being alone in the game while in a completely empty location is the true disconnection from the player and CJ. You watch CJ, you follow CJ, you are everywhere with him. You're never alone in those liminal spaces.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have heard rumors that the large LV house located all the way on top of the map next to the abandoned airfield had certain weird things that would happen. First thing was a noise, next was a graphical change to the game which happens either when you keep on the leaving and exiting the house or when you stay in the house for too long. I am also gonna mention that also another safehouse that allows you to enter the black hell and access other unfinished structures. Either way, most of the safehouse, interiors and cabins are have an eerie, weird feeling whether its just the texture, emptiness or just the isolation/quietness.

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