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The Crip Clowns are recruiting. [PC Only]


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Hello there, i've made a new crew, and the crew indeed needs people. The main activities are: Fighting other gangs in organized fights, just chilling while cruising, playing some anniversary modes and other stuff. It is not the most serious gang cause we are here to have some fun, but in fighting other gangs we will of course need seriousness. For now since there aren't any members here the requirements are low. I want to create a community, and make it as advanced and organized as possible. We always want to improve so for that there is a suggestions tab in the discord.

14 or more years of age.

Good aim.

Working mic.


Be on PC.


How to join?


Message me on discord: toxaz#9999, then i will invite you to the gang's discord server.

Social club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_crip_clowns




The Hierarchy in the crew editor on social club will not be used as much, we have a whole different hierarchy in our discord server.

All the prospects will be given crew muscle rank.

All the full-worthy members will be given crew representative rank.

The full hierarchy is hidden from outsiders.




The clothing for high ranks is made separately, but for low ranks it is any blue clothes, but we do have a few good outfit suggestions for newbies in the gang.

For the mask everyone has to use any clown mask. And the helmet has to be the 4 lensed grey combat helmet. To have them both on at the same time the telescope glitch is needed. It is very easy (The tutorial for it will be on the discord)




Do NOT teamkill.

Respect everyone especially the higher-ups.

Use common sense.

No modding/hacking of any sort.

Be mature.

Do not be very toxic.

Have high activity.

Always message the leader when you are going to be inactive for some time with the reason included.

No alien or super OP weapons, trolling vehicles which can: shoot explosive bullets, shoot rockets while rolling with the gang.




We mainly use:

Assault rifles (for example the Carbine Rifle),

Shotguns (for example the Pump Shotgun),

Sub Machine Guns (for example the Micro SMG)

Machine guns (for example the Heavy MG)

Pistols (for example the 50cal),

Snipers (For example the Heavy Sniper),

Throwables (For example the Grenade),

Melee weapons (For example the Baseball bat)



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