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Difference between Other Gangs and Aztecas

King Courtney Yardie

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King Courtney Yardie

In the end Aztecas still Hate CJ They will start attacking him even their leader cesar and cj are best freinds 

Unlike other gangs even the rival gang San Fierro Rifa Are neutral to CJ and Other gangs too in the end 

What do you think?

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Aztecas are southern mexicans and south americans, San Fierro Rifa's are northern mexicans, that's the difference.

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King Courtney Yardie
On 7/6/2021 at 10:06 AM, VanceJoy said:

Aztecas are southern mexicans and south americans, San Fierro Rifa's are northern mexicans, that's the difference.

You know men They both Mexicans And Aztecas and CJ are freinds Aztecas just attacking CJ But in rifa they quite neutral to CJ nationalities dosent matter

Edited by King Courtney Yardie
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I never understood why they made the Aztecas hostile. It's annoying to walk down El Corona just minding your own business and then they threaten you even though they're an allied gang.


Maybe this was a programming error, who knows.

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On 7/7/2021 at 5:01 PM, CynicalMexican said:

Maybe this was a programming error, who knows.

This was never a programming error. The alliance between GSF and Aztecas truly was only seen in the beta. These ideas early in the beta development had to be way before R* starting developing the quotes for the gangs in SA along the lines. When you have these lines aimed at Cesars gang. 







Or straight up "AZTEC KIIILLAAAA!!!"

You know you got a very serious problem here and should stab the hell out before anyone near starts busting caps all over the place (as it usually happens between shootouts in the normal set tripping collisions that is always seen in SA's hoods) There ain't no damn alliance between ANYONE other than said same gangs and it's sets :kekw: Lmao, if only V kept the gang rival concepts that was so damn well done in SA. A shame it didn't. We never knew why R* ever changed the alliances over GSF and Aztecas. From what I think,  I thought that R* just had no idea what do with this concept of having two separate friendly gangs.


I always pictured that Carl had the ability to recruit the Aztecas normally just like CJ's base gang and take them to do drive-bys and gang wars on Vago and Ballas rivals but somewhere along the lines they mabye would end up with some different programming issues, story changes, changes to CJ's alliances and just keep GSF as the main gang (obviously what was kept) or any other issue that changed these concepts that was seen complete but only in the beta screenshots. The  possibilities for the reason are endless looking back now. What we got for CJ is just another gang to watch out for on the streets of LS as a confrontation will always occur with Carl and random Aztec members on the streets. And of course GSF will always start dissing Aztecas throwing shots verbally at each other throwing gang signs back and fourth leading to yet another neighborhood shootout, lol. The Homies simply spawn another block away so its all good in the hood :kekw:


Edited by Big_Smiley
*minor edit
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