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Recommended Posts

spook's debut Mission Pack

Cory O'Riley, an Irish criminal who was associated with London's organized crime family has a deathwish and the British police forces are searching him. His older brother, Liam is in America for almost 3 years and helps Cory escape United Kingdom, to meet him at Bone County, San Andreas. Liam is a member of an Irish Mob owning a nice casino called "Emerald Isle", infact, it was them who helped Liam get Cory into America, at one condition: Cory has to work the Mob, to help them with their success in the already Mob controlled city, making Cory's dreams of living a life without crime impossible.



Cory O'Riley:   28 years old Irish criminal, having experience with the Organized Crime in United Kingdom, he also did bombs in Ireland at the age of 19. Trying to live a peaceful life ever since he had to escape London, but his brother is making it impossible.


Liam O'Riley:  Cory's older brother, went to America after his and Cory's father died in Ireland, meeting Edmond O'Donovan who offered him job at his Casino, which later turned out to be Irish Mafia, similiar to one that Liam's father worked for.

Edmond O'Donovan:   A leader of the Irish Venturas Mob, helped Liam with his favor to get Cory into America. Owns the Emerald Isle. Possible connections with bigger, more serious Irish mobs around Ireland and United States.

Aiden McFinn:   Edmond's right hand, they flew into America together to start the "American Dream". He's a violent, tough guy.. Doesn't have any problem to kill anyone. He is also the underboss of the Irish Venturas Mob.

Kenneth Lynch:   A low ranking member of the Mob, he is the muscle usually sent to beat some guys or to protect the Casino.

Frank Devane:   A drug dealer that expands into Edmond's heroin business, he is loyal to the Irish mob.

Coming up this July...



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I'm not sure about that "coming up in late July" :whistle:


The MP seems to be promising. I would like to see how it would play when it's all finished!

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The Coireacht missionpack is delayed to August because I am going on a vacation at 24th July until 31st July and I am currently making the 6th mission. Can't keep up because only 3 days are left and I also don't wanna rush the MP, thanks for understanding.

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