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Cigarette Card Issues


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Note: this is as early as the 1st update R* kindly asked us to download on release day. I’ve done some searching and haven’t found this issue stated fixed even though it’s been touched on in different forums, so just want to quickly address it. 

At the start of Ch 2, one can begin free roam and the acquisition of cigarette cards. This operates smoothly and functions proper. However, once you’ve possession of 20 Premium Cig packs, smoke one, and acquire another pack, the game gives you a cigarette card (which the game shouldn’t allow prior to the Smoking and Other Hobbies mission).


As soon as you do this, it freezes your in game mission count of cards collected, but not your compendium. Allow me to explain:

There are two different counters. One that shows every time a card is collected (pop up box after each card is collected and mission achievements reflected) and the compendium. These two are clearly separate as from that point, the mission achievements freeze, but the compendium can continue and completing all 144 is possible. 

The only way one can achieve true completion seems to be restarting the game and avoiding Premium Cigarette Packs altogether, and collect the Cigarette Cards individually. This, of course, is if one is attempting to accomplish everything possible in the beginning of Ch 2. 

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