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Expanded Peds: Tony Prince [V]


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Part One of my Expanded Peds project, Gay Tony Prince!




- TBOGT Suit

- Dress Shirt

- Velvet Boxers

- Track Suit

- Altered version of his standard GTA Online lowr 000. Made him ever so slightly less bow-legged.




- IMPROVED TEXTURES! Sure, in your nightclub, he looks perfectly fine, but have you ever spawned Tony and seen him next to literally any other ped and noticed... How green he looked? 😬 Not cool. Anyways, fixed that! His facial hair is also a bit darker.

- His minimalist gold chain as seen on his dress shirt uppr in TBOGT is a separate task drawable, and it's standard since it just looks so darn nice with his GTAO suit.

- His TBOGT shades!!!

- And of course, his earring, as a proper ears prop!








I'm gonna be real with you, I had no idea what to do for screenshots here. And the copy of my Heistcrew Gunman Packie photo op leaning against a signature car in Mission Row just... Sort of happened.




- I believe this is because he's been given a new drawable type, the necklace task, and the fact that he's a component ped and not streamed; while you can absolutely use him as a player model, and spawn him as a player model normally, he will crash TrainerV (Simple Trainer) if attempted to spawn as a bodyguard, or saved as a bodyguard, the only way around this is initially using him as a player model, and then cloning the player in the clone menu. TrainerV is the only trainer I've ever used, so i would very much like notes from people with other trainers to report on any of these weird behaviors, as it would help me a lot, and the future of my Expanded Peds project depends on it.




- Blood maps! Can't quite figure them out just yet.

- Tony's beta outfits from TBOGT!  (Purple Suit Jacket as seen in promo art, and his plain white T-Shirt)

- The very same additions to his CSB Model! (I could not for the life of me get his CSB model working. I actually ran into a lot of unusual issues with Tony this entire time, from his finicky and cursed YMT, and any attempts at adding a single thing to CSB Tony completely crashing the game, which could also have to do with it being a component ped, which is highly unusual when 90% of the CS peds are all streamed. If anybody would like to help me figure this out, my discord is Midsummer Liberty City#3345.)



Edited by BrynnaDaRosa
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'Swell job as always!

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