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Help with cheats


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Hello, I'm doin' a new replay on PPSSPP, and this time I decided to play with cheats (I wanted to visit the other islands early, and the WP PCJ in 9MM Mayhem despawns as I kill my driver, and I couldn't be able to perform the Trashmaster and PCJ trick). I tried inputting the "Cars drive on water" cheat, "O, X, DOWN, O, X, UP, L, L", but it never works (this is also the first time I'm playing in english by playing a bit with PPSSPP settings, so I don't think it's a matter of language); I also tried modifying the game cheats' .ini file (the one where you input addresses, and you toggle them on or off in PPSSPP settings, and doesn't give you a point penalty in-game) to add the specific cheat, but it didn't work as well. Is there something I'm missing? It's the US version, the cheat .ini is called "ULUS10041.ini".

Other cheats like the button-inputted full armor and full health, and the "addressed" ones like infinite health and armor, infinite car health and each piece of clothing work, so I'm not sure if the ROM may be corrupted. And I saw a YouTube video (I don't have the link right now) that shows "O, X, DOWN, O, X, UP, L, L" indeed activates the cheat, even on PPSSPP for Android (the video shows PSP controls over the game screen).

If you don't have a clue on what could be happening, I have another question, just for the sake of getting to other islands early, Which is the "address" that allows you to spawn the Maverick or the Hunter? If you're sure such address doesn't exist, tell me, I already know there aren't button-inputted cheats to spawn them.

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Sorry, but I thought it was OK to give this topic a bump after more than 1 month without responses.

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