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Rocco (TBOGT Port for GTA V)


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Hello everyone! Today I present you Rocco from TBOGT, With the amazing help by @BrynnaDaRosa to even learn how to port, he helped me along with the head since I really didn't understand heads too well when I was first doing this. So there's gonna be three Rocco's one in his normal TBoGT jacket and slacks, one in his golf outfit from TBoGT and one that aims to look like V but more accurate imo to his character. All using his TBoGT head! so I wanna know what do you all think of this little project I'm up too. Things to do atm


Fix his head material on the IV outfits I feel they don't look as normal as the V one.


Do CS Versions for the IV outfits


Maybe port his TBoGT pants since the V ones clip a little with his TBoGT shirt

Edited by BRONXBX
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Rocco in GTA IV: Italian Made man and Soldato of Ancelotti Mafia

Rocco in GTA V: Gay Tony's Boyfriend

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4 hours ago, CarlJohnson92 said:

Nice work.

Thanks it's still a WIP but it's getting somewhere lol

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On 6/18/2021 at 4:20 AM, GroveStGTAV said:

Rocco in GTA V: Gay Tony's Boyfriend


Pffft Rocco WISHES!


I'm very fond of the salmon shirt w/ the popped collar if anything that's his gayest look

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