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GTA San Andreas Stuck on Francis INTL Airport screen.


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When my game was installed, I downgraded to version 1. I have downloaded Cleo, Modloader, Silent's Asi Loader and some mods. After I did all of this, the game just crashes during the Francis INTL airport 1992 screen and I don't know how to fix this. I downloaded my mods from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_EiDNA4J4Y&t=213s and I found an extra mod that puts the game in windowed mode. Please help me. The game crashes during the screen like the image below without the russian and the logos.





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Welcome to GTAForums! I'll try to help you, though I don't exactly know what's causing your crash. It's probably caused by one specific mod of yours. First, reinstall the game without mods, and run it. If the problem persists, let me know in a reply; if it disappeared, try installing a mod, running the game, and when you're sure the mod works in your game, close the game and install another mod, then check if the game still works (and so on until you discover which is the problematic mod).

Since you're new here, I'll give you a heads-up: topics like this belong to the Help & Support subforum of GTA San Andreas forum (you published the topic in GTA San Andreas forum, which properly isn't dedicated to help and support). The GTA San Andreas forum, with its subforums, is for the unmodded game. If you discovered your game is okay and that your trouble is caused by mods, then the topic should be in the "GTA III, VC & SA" subforum of the Modding forum. Let me know if your SA copy is okay, and I'll tell moderators which section should this topic be moved to (please don't replicate the topic in the corresponding section, since replicating topics make the Forums unnecessarily "dirtier").

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i had the same issue, heres how i fixed it, go to "Various gta downgraders" and use the second link "v2 to v1 (not exactly tested :O )", it worked for me.

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