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Looking to possibly start/join a MC or a Car Club 18+


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Hi there,


My name is Joe. I've been playing GTA Online for 7 years. I recently left a MC crew I was apart of for almost 2 years due to many reasons that I don't want to share on here. If you want to know and we start to play & chat I will tell you. I was a Tail Gunner and then promoted to Vice President but then I stepped down & left the crew and those friendships behind for certain reasons. I miss the friendships & the random shenanigans and other stuff we would do. Races/RP/Car meets etc and I've been wanting to start a new MC or a Car Club (a car club sounds even better to me because I am a huge gear head.) I am lvl 403. I primarily just like to mess around with cars & bikes. Drag race/motorcycle rides with other clubs/crews/car shows & rp and make movies through GTA. Stuff like that. If anyone is interested shoot me a message on here and we can maybe start working on some details and how we'd want to do this. I want it to be a fun experience for all but I don't want trouble makers and jerks. It's meant to be for a good time and just to make new friends. All are that of the age of 18+ are welcome. I don't care if you're a male or female or whatever. I am a professional photographer IRL & graphic designer so if any sort of simple logos or help with movies that are being made I am 100% willing to give my input. I don't have an ego so if you don't need/want my help that's fine. I respect that but just know I'm here to help too so yeah. I guess that's it. hopefully I put this in the right spot and it doesn't get deleted.


One thing I want to get out of the way because I know it's a big deal for some. I do assisted aim in my lobbies because I am in a wheelchair IRL and my hand movements aren't so great these days and it's just easier for me to do shooting & stuff that way.

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I need a car ppl in my crew join me eyiswag614 is my gamertag 

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