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GTA V/Online won't close down after exiting (PC/Steam)


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Hi folks,


recently I experience a strange behavior from my game on Steam.
Whenever I exit the game, Rockstar Games Launcher keeps running. Because of that, Steam thinks the game is still running.

Trying to start the game any time after I initially closed it results in an error message "Already running".


Only if I quit the Rockstar Games Launcher from the taskbar notification area before I attempt to start it, it would work.

Is anyone else experiencing this? How does your game behave? There is a reddit thread describing the exact same thing with almost 40 replies, but nowhere else I could find a hint to this issue:

GTA won’t shut down properly. Stays “running” on steam. Only way to close it is exit out of rockstar games launcher. Is this a bug? : GrandTheftAutoV_PC (reddit.com)


I recently had to wipe my system drive, so I had the chance to test this on a mint Windows Installation, but I had no luck, it's still the same.


If any system details are needed:

Windows Version: 10 Pro 21H1

Most recent updates for Steam, Rockstar Games Launcher and GTA V


Z87 Chipset


GTX 1060


Plenty of available SSD space

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Yep I have the same issue on the Rockstar and Epic Games versions of the game. 

I only actually noticed GTA V sitting in the task manager after having some pretty diabolical stream performance when attempting to play and stream Forza Horizon 4 - only to notice that closing down the "already closed but still running" GTA V and all of a sudden performance returns to normal. 

Quite peculiar. 
One thing I will say is this:- The GTA Online Cayo Perico DLC Update was one of, if not the most buggiest or bug-infested update I've ever seen for this game. Not only are there issues with the core update itself and what was introduced with the island, but other bugs with older content (like the current game breaking Avenger glitch) have since been uncovered and it's just hoped that they (Rockstar Games) do quite a lot of polishing up when the next DLC patch comes. 

I mean - Rockstar sadly don't care unless the issue is money related. For over a year now, we've had issues with not being able to properly deliver supplies, product, whatever - because when we walk or drive into the yellow objective marker, nothing happens. This also happens with the Scope Out mission for Cayo Perico - sometimes you can fly over and the mission doesn't load, so you have to do everything up to that point all over again. 
These haven't ranked highly enough on Rockstar's "need to fix" list, so I wouldn't hold my breath for the % of us PC folks who have this particular issue. 

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19 minutes ago, Gaffa said:

I only actually noticed GTA V sitting in the task manager after having some pretty diabolical stream performance when attempting to play and stream Forza Horizon 4 - only to notice that closing down the "already closed but still running" GTA V and all of a sudden performance returns to normal. 


Maybe we are on to something here. I also have FH4 installed... jk


I honestly cannot understand how Rockstar would provide so little quality-of-life service to their product. I am content-wise still a bit behind in GTAO, as I did not have acquired the funds yet to purchase the Kosatka to make it to Cayo Perico. But as you say, there are still some game breaking bugs in the code that exist since day one of the release of that particular featureset. One of the worst things I still experience quite frequently is the black screen after delivering a supply to the warehouse - only to wait for a few minutes until frustratedly exit to desktop, as Alt+F4 is the only control you can use on a GTA black screen. I'd rather open up the pause menu to switch to another session, than watching this loading screen for minutes. Not even to speak of the xx.000 dollars I just lost because of that.


Speaking of that loading screen, I was floored as I heard that they fixed the GTAO loading times. It needed 8 short years for them to acknowledge that there might be something they could improve about the product. For me personally, this waste of time was one of the reasons I quit playing for the last 2 years. In my opinion they could make much more out of shark cards if they would keep improving what's already here instead of constantly delivering new (buggy) features. Of course, this has to go hand in hand. There are parts of the community who cannot sit still on their Oppressor Mk2 without any new DLCs within 3 months.


Anyway, thanks for your comment!

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yep same here

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  • 1 month later...

Bumping for awareness. 

Rockstar still haven't fixed this on my side. 

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