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Deadly Feud MC is a 1% Motorcycle Club on the PC platform. We offer fair By Laws, 1% game play, meaning no OP weapons or spaceships. Free aim. MC businesses and clubhouses already established and organized. This is an up and coming club. Active members, as well as support clubs and a Brother club. Discord and website is currently under construction. Join us and enjoy the biker life with a group of good people.




Our By Laws are mandatory. Disciplinary action may be required if they are not followed.

1. Respect goes a long way. Respect ALL members of the club regardless of status. I get it, we joke with the Hangarounds and Prospects at times, but don't be a jackass. We were all there once too.

2. All members of the club must ride Western or LCC type bikes when riding with the club. When on your own and not actively riding with the club, you may drive what you wish. 

3. When doing activities with the club, work on club related activities such as clubhouse business and such. Bunkers and Nightclubs are allowed but we are a Motorcycle Club, so no submarines, helicopters from hell or wild sh*t. 

4. No alien or overly OP weapons, flying bikes, spaceships or any unrealistic stuff while running with the club. We aren't here to be trolls.

5. The associated cut must be worn AT ALL TIMES!! No exceptions. For new players, if you have not had the money to buy the required items, we will help you get there.

6. All members are required to check in with the club at least once a week. Patched members are expected to attend Church on Sundays. We understand real life calls, just let us know what you need. No big deal.

7. No passive mode. Modding of any kind will result in drawing a vote for removal from the club. Like I said before, we aren't here to be trolls.

8. We are striving to emulate real MC culture. We don't hide secrets from the club, and every club decision must be brought to the table for a vote. We are an equal voice and all our brothers deserve their say. All members must go through a Hangaround period followed by the DFMC Prospect patch. Prospect and Full Patch will only be given under unanimous decision by the club.

9. Rules of engagement are as follows: Whether with or without club members with you, if you are shot at, you have permission to fire back. If someone is stalking, snooping or otherwise provoking club members in any way, you have permission to "burn their playhouse down".  If other clubs would like to ally with us, they need to message a member from a distance and state their intentions and alliance will be granted. If a rival club wants war with us, we won't be doing all these pansy little TDM's and scheduled fights. They can meet us on the streets where the metal meets the meat. 


10. Last but not least, we have a discord for a reason. Be personable. A mic and entry into discord will be required for all members.


Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/nqRwREYD3S

SC Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deadly_feud_mc_nat/wall


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Uncle Sikee Atric

Checking the Crew page suggests you joined the Crew 15 hours ago, and left it 7 hours ago....

Yeah, something ain't right with this one.  You need to make a bit more commitment before advertising for Crews you're not staying in.  Especially since I can see the extensive logs of MC's you're posting for and forgetting about within hours / days.

Find one to stick with, please, before you post again.


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