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What do you think the protagonist of Gta VI should be like?


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I personally feel that there'll be two protagonists instead of one or three, one male and possibly one female, and I feel since the game will most likely be set in Vice City, I think the lead protagonists should be Hispanic specifically Cuban or of South or Central American descent, both work for a cartel. I feel a Hispanic protagonist or protagonists just makes sense for a Vice City setting, Miami has one of the highest Hispanic populations in the country especially when it comes to Cubans, Rockstar missed out on that opportunity with Gta V when it was set in Los Santos and not having a Hispanic protagonist there, So I think this is their one chance, and even though Modern day Miami isn't seen as iconic as the 80s version, I think a modern Miami still works and the city still has a drug problem to this day. I feel one protagonist will do all the drug dealing and all the dirty work, whereas the other protagonist is the boss or one of the higher ranking members in their cartel. A Vice City setting has tons of opportunities when it comes to criminal activity, especially if the cartels are involved 



This is all just my own personal speculation and it's likely Rockstar's version will be nothing like mine


What do you Y'all personally think?


I'm fine if this topic is merged with another

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Like these two 

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OP's been linked existing threads on the same thing, so locking.

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