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How do I increase my rate of fire in GTA San Andreas?


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I was new in modding so i look for something easy to do first and i found "weapon.dat"

I was wonder how to increase my rate of fire (firing speed) so i need help.

Thanks in advance!

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There're six columns, on two groups of three (T, U, V, and W, X, Y), that have these values:

. Start firing animation time

. End firing animation time

. Fire time

Called like "int animLoop start, end, fire" and "int animLoop2 start, end, fire". The int means that you have to input an integer value. The times are written in milliseconds, the first group (animLoop) is for stand-up-shooting and the second group (animLoop2) is for crouch-shooting. To get a rapid fire handgun, you can set the values to something like "6 20 7" (those are the values I chose for gangster level and up, for the Desert Eagle, to give the sensation I'm quickdrawing and killing the enemies in no time; but you have to watch specially that your gun doesn't seem to shoot forward the first bullet and upwards the rest of the bullets, that being caused by not enough time space between "start" and "end", for example 20-6=14 seems to be a good value for the Desert Eagle).

For the MP5, I put "6 8 7" for animLoop and "6 8 6" for animLoop2, that way my MP5 starts shooting (while crouching) 1 millisecond faster than while standing; keep in mind that once you start shooting the start time drops to 0 after the first bullet: it turns in this case from "6 8 7" to "0 2 1". So, you can use this last result as a guide to editing a weapon's rate of fire.

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Paulo Dizon

Edit The Weapon Dat Or Use Ammunation tool to edit rate of fire damage and hipfire spread 

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