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is la mesa (1,5m ) vehicle warehouse good?

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i heard people will grief u but it doesnt matter since i'm in solo public session and i have a friend defending me with oppressor mk2, any other down sides?

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The La Mesa one is the cheapest vehicle warehouse you can buy so you're better off on the money front. The only gripe I have with it is the somewhat narrow entrance way - but this bias could be due to being used to the very open entrance of the La Puerta warehouse which I own.

Another inconvenience I've felt with that warehouse is that it's got the Vagos NPC's nearby and if you shoot accidentally around them, they will shoot at you and potentially damage your car during sourcing/sale missions. Other than these minor inconveniences that can be avoided if you're careful enough (which I'm not), the La Mesa warehouse is a good option. 👍🏼

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Depends on your definition of good. For me personally, no it isn't, as I don't like the location.

Money isn't an issue since we got the Cayo Perico heist, and for me it was never a factor before that, as I have always been willing to spend more for a better location.



  • cheap, but that is also a con


  • It is the cheapest, which means a lot of people buy it, so it's a hot zone. Some campers will snipe you out of your car, grab the car, and deliver it to their warehouse at the same location.
  • it's gang territory. Gangs will attack you for no apparent reason sometimes, and kill you and/or damage your car.


My recommendation: La Puerta. Yes, I know, it's expensive, but not the most expensive. Not a lot of people buy this one, so it shouldn't be a hot zone. Access is good too.

For most businesses, I avoid both the cheapest and most expensive locations, as those are usually the hot zones.


Off-Topic: while we're at cheap business locations, avoid Paleto Forest bunker. Worst location to sell from period. Get Chumash or Farmhouse instead.

Edited by AirWolf359
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If you're using solo public lobbies, I don't think it matters a lot. Buy whichever one you want. This one's cheap, so there's that, and it's still very accessible--even more so than some other locations actually, since it's sandwiched between one major road and the highway.


If you EVER plan on running these jobs in non-solo sessions, I do not recommend this warehouse. I'll be perfectly honest here: if I'm in a session not doing anything in particular, and I get a notification that someone is sourcing a car, I'll go to that warehouse and just wait. If it looks like they're delivering there (and 9/10 times they are), off radar and a free car for me. Yes it's scummy, and you should be aware of it before you buy that location. Everyone has it and it's easy pickins.

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