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What has RDR2 taught us about V’s mysteries?


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R* has given us something that appears unsolvable in V. But, it is my belief that there is a possibility they can be solved, as we’ve confirmation that there are Easter eggs that are likely never to be found.

So, if we analyze the confirmation, it was back when we only had the info we needed to solve the mystery(s) from V itself. 

What if we look at this as a continuing mystery that drops clues in later R* games? Stories like Epsilon cross over, so why wouldn’t we allow ourselves to think of these games as tied into each other?


I do want to mention a couple things that I think help clue us in, and I ask for your input as well. 


First, [s]the Epsilonists jumping off a cliff in RDR2 signifies to me that Michael must also die a similar death. That is the correct ending.[/s]

Second, [s]the missing meteorite in RDR2 may signify that we’ve missed it in V. We know of the meteorite in the telescope shot, and explosive box that’s never been triggered in the north cliff side of the map.[/s]


There are other things I’ve considered, and I have sharpened my theories more but I really do believe that if we allow ourselves to think of these two games as connected, we are more likely to get the answers we need to solve these in-game puzzles. Would love to hear your input!

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Perhaps the two worlds are somehow connected as parallel universes in the same canon? They're considered non-canonical, but they could theoretically 'exist' together I'd you believe in the multiple universes theory. 

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Good point. 

I’m thinking that R* has dropped some clues for us to use in GTAV. 


For example, when Arthur first discovers Francis Sinclair (Kraff), he says the most interesting thing to start the conversation:


Francis Sinclair: Well, what's eating you partner?

Arthur: Eating me?

Francis Sinclair: Well, I'm sorry. I'll dry up. 


Who begins a conversation like that? It certainly has to be a clue. There are two things Francis Sinclair speaks of:


1) Eating.

2) Getting wet. 

If I were a betting man, these are two things that need to be done. 

It’s always been curious to me that the three candy bars one can purchase are character specific. Meteorite for Franklin, Ego Chaser for Michael, and P’s & O’s for Trevor. 

I’m going to guess that the player needs to eat an amount of their specific candy, then get wet.

As far as eating food, I’ve experimented with this and the quickest way is at the 24/7 in Vinewood, while repeatedly jumping off of the staircase in the parking lot across the street. 

Where does one go after that? 

Maze Bank? After Michael has perished, does the miserable Egg, human meteorite, aka Franklin, free fall from height into the fountain (egg) where the crack is painted?

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