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We need a new midnight club game

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It's been over a decade since we seen a game in the midnight club series. Rockstar needs to revive the game. They could release the game with the story separate from online and have midnight club online just like they did with gta and red dead. The setting  take place in Miami or new york. the story should be like a playable movie kinda like how gta V's and rdr2's story was and not have cliched characters like in mcla. The soundtrack must be huge and they should make it a mix between old music and new music just like gta V's soundtrack but even better. The vehicle list should be huge and should have at least 100 or 150 vehicles. The vehicle prices should also be a little cheaper than it was in past games. For online we should be able to make our own character just like gta and red dead and rockstar could add more customization options for our characters. We should also have customization options for the story's protagonist. Rockstar should keep the same vehicle customization options they had in mcla. The physics should be like gta iv's where it was very realistic and life like. Rockstar could also more game modes in online than they had in mcla's multiplayer and they shouldn't add any microtransactions to the game because that would ruin it and they should only have it if the online mode will be completely separate and free to play because that's more appropriate for the game. Story dlc shouldn't be added because I think it might not just be appropriate for a racing game. They could also give us a dlc for new vehicles and maybe even a new city to race in. In online we should be able to be owners of our own garages. They could also bring the rate my ride back. And finally they should introduce another new thing which is sell vehicles to other players. I know y'all people gon say rockstar doesn't need to make a new game because racing is in GTA online and they're having that car culture thing in the summer update. Well people rockstar does need to make a new game because we need a game where we could just only race and cruise around in our cars without being blown up by oppressors and sh*t. R* please give us a new midnight club right after gta 6 I'm begging you 


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