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GTA Online Import/Export Bonuses (10th June)


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On 6/11/2021 at 11:49 PM, Arrows to Athens said:

They may be similar, but they're certainly not the "same".


In Germany we would say:


It is "das gleiche" ( the same ( a similar thing)) but not "dasselbe" ( the same ( the exact same thing))


Anyway: will enjoy the two weeks of doing i/e and fortified 


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Can honestly say I'm enjoying the bonuses this week.

I/E has always been enjoyable to me - it would be great if they 'updated' the cars to the latest models but this is R* once again not 'updating' game modes once they're released. (Something I have bitched about on here often)

Either way, this has been a good way for me to complete the 'collections'. I already have one of every model but never had all the collection vehicles. If you're trying to aim for that like me the tip is to collect ALL 32 individual models first. Chances are a good few of those 32 will already be collection cars so just tick them off your list.

The ones that aren't sell them inividually/one at a time. The game is programmed to re-stock that 1 model you are missing for example:

If you need the Sabre Turbo Custom 'B0UNC3' license plate, but you only have the 'GUNZ0UT' model, sell the 'GUNZ0UT' model and after the sale, 'Source' another vehicle. The game is programmed to replace the STC that you just sold so you now have a 1-3 chance you will get the 'B0UNC3' model as opposed to a 1-32 chance when you first started.

But I'm sure you already know all this.

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The Prime Gaming benefits are available to normal players on PC. Rockstar messed up on Friday by pushing them alongside the normal discounts. Likely to be fixed tomorrow.

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I thought about doing some Vehicle Cargo, but couldn't find a decent session for the life of me and none of the new Solo tricks worked ... Its not worth the headache for me. VIP work is always appreciated though.


The free organization name change is tempting though, I've been thinking about changing mine from Crowne Holdings to Nikkyo Consortium lately.


@Spider-Vice thank you! Cheers.


Holy sh*t! They finally put the Bestia GTS on sale and got rid of that sonar image for the prime benefits.

Edited by IceDree
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