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Meaning of some stats


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OK, I was wondering what the stats, "Most vehicle air spins" mean? Does anyone has a clue? I have done flips in a vehicle but I have no clue on this stat. Please advise. Thanks.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your kind response. The video you showed is for the roll over achievement which I already have. However, when I check my stats, "Most vehicle airspins" still remain as 0. So I am kind of confused. However the stats for the number of flips I did on a vehicle shows 5. Anyone knows the difference between these 2 stats? I don't want to end the game where I have a stat which shows a 0 number except for of course number of times getting busted or mission failed.



Edited by Blanchflower
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I think airspins refers to flat spins, as in your car spins around with your wheels still pointed to the ground. Vehicle flips is when your car rolls over in the air.

Edited by DOUGL4S1
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Line Rider

A spin would be when you crash your car and the front slides to where the back is while the back slides to where the front is, as if you just made a very tight turn. A complete spin ( or revolution ) would be if the car turned so much that the front returned to the original direction it was facing, Additional spins would be  each time the car made a complete revolution. An air spin would be if that happened while the wheels were not on the ground. So basically, if you did a  stunt jump and hit something like a pole midair, your car would probably do air spins before landing on the ground. But if you really want air spin  stats, get your car to the cursed ( glitched ) swings and send it into the sky.  The further across the sky you send your car, the more air spins and rollover stats you should get.   However, you will not get those stats if you are thrown from the vehicle, or it smacks into the side of the nearby building. It needs to go airborne for several seconds with Niko still in the drivers seat. 

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Thanks. There is another stat which I am not sure how to go about doing. The Stat is "air launches". Does anyone has any clue? 

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10 hours ago, Blanchflower said:

Thanks. There is another stat which I am not sure how to go about doing. The Stat is "air launches". Does anyone has any clue? 


Maybe just whenever your car leaves the ground? If the number is high I'd guess it's that, otherwise no idea.

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Line Rider

You get an air launch stat every time the wheels of  your vehicle leave the ground. Not just on stunt jumps, but even if you are speeding   down a street and go airborne for a split second after hitting a small bump. 

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