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What other websites do you use besides GTAforums?


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twitter and facebook, and I like reading discussions on reddit but Ive never posted there, nor do I actually have any idea how to navigate the site except via google search


oh i also talk sh*t to dumbass chicks on POF (lame ass dating site)


i don't really visit any other website regularly 

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In order of usage: YouTube, reddit, twitter, wikipedia, discogs, musicbrainz, pcgamingwiki, as well as "other" ;) sites that won't be named. For personal stuff I use instagram to keep in touch with friends, and very rarely facebook.

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Don't do Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. I value what bit of sanity I have.


Tend to read the news/sports news and keep up to date with WWE/wrestling (largely in hope things take off again one day), and I do enjoy reading up on things, usually starting at Wikipedia but follow the trail if I want to learn more. 


It's a bit of a guilty pleasure reading negative movie reviews on IMDb though. Often gives me a good chuckle to see what others love to hate on. 🤣

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Don't have much regular websites, pexels, freepik, pixabay and some other similar graphics resource sites I check few times every week.

If I happen to bump into a model I like, I start with google image search and just see where the links take me.

I used to hang often on the yahoo news but you can't comment and argue on the news anymore with other people so that became totally pointless.




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