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where can i download gta 1, 2 and london?

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I've never figured out how to get downloaded pc games running, can somebody give me instructions from which sites I should download these games (including london 1961) and how to get them to run on my windows 10 pc?

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The best way to play GTA 1 and the London expansions, would be to download the Toshiba-3 Max Pack version. It comes with all three games and all seem high functional, although 100% London 1961 is impossible because the TV Van side mission is bugged. But for the most part, they all play really well. You can get the Max Pack here;ย Grand Theft Auto: Max Pack - a complete pack ala GOG - GTA - GTAForums


If your feeling bored and want to do something else after the campaign, I've made a topic on how to get the Max Pack multiplayer working. It shouldn't be too complicated, even for those who have never edited things in notepad. The link is here;ย How can I play the GTA Max Pack Multiplayer? (SOLVED) - GTA - GTAForums


If you're experiencing any difficulties, feel free to reply and I would be more than glad to help you resolve any issues.

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, ThermalMoon said:

100% London 1961 is impossible because the TV Van side mission is bugged.

Why is it impossbile?


the download link doesn't exist anymore. I have a file called gta max pack, but I don't know how to open MDF files

Edited by Cyrus_Paice
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@Cyrus_Paiceย The TV Van side mission is bugged in the DOS version of GTA London 1961. It works fine in the WINDOWS version of London 1961, but that's a different story. When you try to complete the mission, the game will boot you back to summary screen and will say, "had enough?". This text shows up when you exit the game, not beat it. When you beat a chapter it should say, "good effort, we're over the moon with you." But London 1961 treats it like you just quit mid game, that's why it's impossible to 100% the game and see the ending chapter cutscene.

As for the MDF file issue. I know the question may seem trivial, but what operating system are you using? Mac OSX or Windows? If it's Mac OSX, then this will be rather difficult. It's not my field, but I can try to help you with it. Oh, and what do you mean by the downloadย link not existing anymore? I see it for both options in the topic. I suppose I could send you my copy of it, but the one I have is for WINDOWS. Do reply soon.

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