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The history of the ExSorbeo

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Posted (edited)

The Exsorbeo got it's start in the 80s as a handheld device from Kaihatsu back in 1986, it was a successor to a handheld console called the Plug and See which was released in 1979. The Exsorbeo was an instant success and would continue to sell up to the late 90s, It was unique for it's phallic shape and had a lot of sexual marketing


It was replaced in 1996 with the ExSorbeo Bright, which had games in color, The ExSorbeo sold just as well as the original ExSorbeo


However, things changed in 1999 when the company Facade bought the rights to the name Exsorbeo when they had a deal with Kaihatsu on making their own console, Kaihatsu could no longer use the name Exsorbeo if they made a new handheld console


Facade began development on their Console late that year and were finished with it before the fall of 2000. The Exsorbeo Millennium was released in the fall of 2000 and it alongside the Toshi 2K and the Kaihatsu Gamebox sold like hot cakes, It outsold the GameBox but the Toshi 2K remained the hottest selling system for a while. The ExSorbeo millennium had the best online capabilities compared to the 2K and GameBox, it had one of the hottest selling launch titles in history with a game where you fight aliens as a super soldier in space


Facade during their heyday began development on their next console in 2003, they wanted to bring things to the next level and make their games HD, Facade announced their new console in 2004 as the ExSorbeo 720, it had better online capabilities and was in HD, The 720 was released in late 2004 and become one of the hottest selling systems in history only second to the Toshi 2K and wouldn't be discontinued until 2015, While Toshi and Kaihatsu were still developing their next gen systems, Facade had the headstart. The console received a facelift in 2009 which was black rather than White and had a new motion control device with it called The Touch, The Touch was Facade's attempt to copy what Kaihatsu was doing with their console called The Pii which was released in 2006. The Touch was a failure and it rarely ever worked, Facade discontinued the Touch the following year. 


Facade began development on their third console in late 2012 and would release it in fall of 2013, it was called the Kaihatsu X, The system sold well however not nearly as well as the last console and there was a lot of criticisms towards the console's lazy name and the fact it was marketed more for streaming and tv rather than playing games. The console wasn't nearly as innovative as the previous and didn't have nearly as many successful exclusives, mostly multiplatform games


Facade would then develop their new console in late 2019 and release it in 2020. The Exsorbeo XXX came out in fall of 2020, despite the pandemic going on at the time, the console was able to sell well alongside the Toshi 500. It was hardly any different compared to the X and more people opted for the Toshi 500 due to it's better tech and more exclusives


This is just a fun headcanon I thought of, lol




Edited by RamsaySaint77
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This is like something you'd see on the gtawiki in 2013 by some kid trying to pass it off as fact

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7 hours ago, RamsaySaint77 said:

Just a fun fanfiction headcanon I came up with lol



Though I definitely should've posted this on Gta Fanon rather than here

Nothing wrong with some head canon lol. I think R* love it when fans build on the canon. 

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