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Some pointers on the PS4 online


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I installed GTA V on the PS4, and then the update, so if I want to download the mission packs that are available, that would be a separate cost, once i subscribed to the PS plus network for one month. I did buy the starter pack copy, which gives the Player 1,000,000 dollars and a number of other unlocked assets but only works using the online network.


Is that pretty much it, straightforward pay and play.


Thank you.



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Yup, you just need a Playstation Plus subscription and you can jump straight into all the Online content free of charge.

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I noticed there a lot more in the PS4 version than the PS3, how ever how does the heist missions work? Are these downloads to play as single player or with a live group?

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All this content is exclusive to GTA Online and cannot be played in singleplayer. For most heists you'll need to group up with other players. You can quickly join a random players heist through your phone or start your own. To start your own, you'll need to own specific properties however. For example, if you want to start the casino heist you'll need to purchase an Arcade to plan it. If you want to start the Cayo Perico heist, you'll need to buy a submarine. I reckon the best way to start off is buying yourself a high end apartment and doing the OG heists. It's cheap to setup and a good way to familiarize yourself with the mechanics.

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Ah okay, I was under the impression, those missions that had to be downloaded via online as an extra, obviously paid for not just for the PS online system to work.


So Prey game, has a moon mission for £15, so I thought it was like that.


Well, I guess I will have to cancel my PS subscription. I did download two additions for Batman, the scarecrow mission doesn't load in the menu of the game. No idea on that. I will try a few games I have online, star wars.


Beyond that GTA for PS4 is of no use to me. The heists should all be single player in my view, buying a sub sounds quite nice. So essentially the same as the story missions. For online that is fine for people who want to interact, that sounds reasonable. I think Rock star should of added these in as mission pack downloads to buy for £6 or something, I would of bought them.


Thank you for the response.


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I play PS3 online, I got bored of it, and I thought the heist missions were like the jewelry shop heist story mission.


I guess I'll have to stick with the PS3 online.


No players on Star wars battle front. GTA V, are the only games for game lobby type.


Perhaps Far cry 6 will have some good downloads to buy when it is released on PS4. I thought a PS5 was the only way it could be played, until search for it on Amazon. Interesting, it will be available for it.


Spider man, The Last of US part 2, Being Human, the Android game, not really much online use.

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