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[GTA SA] Mission blips not appearing

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Hi fellas. I started playing GTA SA again and after I completed Grove 4 Life I started completing the 100% checklist. Now of course, the original GTA SA is nicee and all, but i added some mods to make it better, like ragdoll phisics, or gang wars extended. It all went well until i reached the bike challanges, when I realised that my radar wasn't displaying all the mission markers (for example: all the radar blips for all the coroonas). It was desplaying 3 or 4 of them and the rest didnt have their own blip. This wasn't a problem but when I reached vehicle missions I couldn't complete all of them (i.e. firefighter, vigilante). Now, the only mod that might affect the radar blips is "100% Radar Icons" by MC Vic. I tried disabling it but the icons remained. Can anyone help me so i can continue my progress?

And also on the topic of mods that don't want to leave your save after you disable them: I added a modd which gave the FBI Truck a spawn location near Grove Street (on the alley betweeen Denise's house and the Ganton Bridge). Can that be fixed?


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I installed the "2 Player mod" by G-Side (bcs I sometimes play co-op with my GF). It is CRUCIAL you install the mod before you load the save, otherwise the game will crash when trying to load the save. And also if anyone knows how to convert this save back to being without the 2 player mod, so i can have a "clean" save copy (without any mods), that would be great.


Link for "100% Radar Icons" by MC Vic: https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=12695

Link for "FBI Truck's Spawn Location" by M. Saad Mubashar: https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/108932-fbi-truck-s-spawn-location/

Link for my save: https://gtasnp.com/QntVo5

Link for the 2 Player mod: https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=3939

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I'm afraid your 2 Player SCM mod (main.scm) has eliminated any easy options. I wrote a BlipFix script that keeps the standard blips and removes everything else, but the script will reject your save as non-standard. It would not be wise to adapt the safety checks included in this script without a detailed understanding of all modifications made to the 2 Player main.scm file.


Converting your save for standard scripts is technically possible but totally impractical. A player with the skills to make the conversion would find it easier and quicker to simply play through the game with the appropriate scripts.


The FBI Truck cargens can be viewed with SASE v1.00 and removed with a binary template for the 010 hex editor. You've got almost 200 FBI Trucks in the same location, a couple dozen at the start and the rest at the end of the pool. You can delete them by setting the IsUsed flag to 0. Or, you can probably safely ignore the wasted cargens. There's still almost 100 slots left for streaming cargens, so the extras probably won't have much effect on gameplay.


The template can also be used to remove unwanted blips. Just set the Allocated flag to False. However, your blip pool is quite the mess. It appears to be cluttered with all sorts of odd blips with no obvious pattern to the chaos. The blip pool is very dynamic. There isn't a solid block of normal blips to avoid like the cargen pool. You'll need to go through all 175 blip records and determine what needs to go. Decompiling the 100% Radar Icons script with Sanny Builder might give you a better idea of what to look for and coordinates to use for confirmation. 


After editing a save, be sure to use the SaveCheckSum script or the game will detect the save as corrupt.


Note: The 010 Editor is a proprietary tool but has a generous trial period.



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