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How do you fix gta vice city save loaded save file not working?


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when I tried to load my save file in gta vice city it started a new game with my save file. I have looked all over to try to find a fix for this problem please help. also I have tried deleting gta_vc.set but it has not fix the problem.

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It's possible that you're trying to load a save file that was created on a different version of the game, either because you've intentionally switched versions or perhaps you've installed a modification that changes the main.scm file.


Try uploading your save file to GTASnP.com. This will show you the "Release Version" for the save file you're trying to load, and you can also try converting it to a different version by opening the "Modifications" box and changing the version before you download:





If converting the save file to a different version doesn't work, you can share a link to your save file here so that other members can see if it works for them and offer further help :)

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